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The first edition of Labour Research magazine was published in 1917. To celebrate the magazine's 100th birthday and to build for the future, LRD has launched the Strong Foundations appeal.

Funds raised will go towards the magazine's redesign, improving LRD's online presence and building maintenance.

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Current issue (November 2018)

Exploitation is the name of the game - There are huge levels of exploitation of workers in the video gaming industry, where attempts at unionisation are now being made; Calling time on the abuse of shopworkers - Those working in the retail and hospitality sectors are facing an increased risk of threats, violence and abuse, as Labour Research finds out; Trump’s anti-worker administration - The US presidency of Donald Trump has produced a range of attacks on workers. But some have been determined to fight back

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Labour Research is the UK monthly that keeps you right on top of what's happening in the unions - from how they're responding to the impact of government policy on unions and working people to union initiatives on recruitment and growth.

The magazine also provides regular updates on workers' legal rights and changes in employment law, as well as the essential information union reps need to monitor, and take effective action on, health and safety at work. And it gives the latest information on equality matters and European Union developments.