Labour Research (October 2016)

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TUC plan sets out priorities

Responding to the Brexit vote and the Trade Union Act 2016 are the main planks of the TUC’s campaign priorities for the coming year. 

The TUC campaign plan 2016-17, adopted at last month’s Trades Union Congress, sets out five priorities which it says show “our determination to grow stronger and bigger” leading up to the organisation’s 150th anniversary in 2018.

The number one priority is to ensure that working people do not pay the price of the Brexit vote. In particular, says the TUC, “our job now is to make sure that the referendum vote is not followed by a prolonged recession or assault on those rights at work that are guaranteed by the EU”.

It confirms that the movement will fight to oppose racism and xenophobia at work and beyond, defend the rights of EU migrants to stay in the UK post-Brexit and demand that unions play a full role in Brexit negotiations.

Other campaign priorities set out in the plan include:

• standing up for abandoned communities — pushing for practical solutions to deal with pressures caused by migration and demanding the government set up a proper industrial strategy;

• in the era of “Uberisation”, pressing for permanent jobs for everyone, with decent wages and conditions and full employment rights; and

• reaching out to young workers by campaigning on workplace issues that matter to them and developing organising models that are attractive for them.

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