Labour Research (April 2021)

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BAME graduates apply for significantly more jobs

Graduates from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds are applying for more jobs than their white counterparts, data released by graduate recruiters Debut reveals.

The study shows that Black students are applying for 38% more jobs than white students.

Findings also reveal that Asian students are applying for 26% more jobs than white students, while other ethnic groups are applying for 21% more.

Disappointingly, compared to the same survey carried out a year earlier, only a small amount of progress has been achieved.

The previous report found that BAME students were applying for 45% more jobs than white students.

Analysis of the report led to the conclusion that Black students clearly feel the need to apply for significantly more jobs. But this could be down to a number of factors ranging from combating bias, a higher work ethic or a lack of connections.

The data did reveal that the considerable gap between Black men compared to white males had narrowed.

Last year it found that Black men were applying for 75% more jobs compared to 40% in the more recent survey.

Kim Connor Streich, Debut marketing director, said: “The pandemic has seen people from different BAME communities hit the hardest, and with that will come worry and a desire to firm up future prospects.”

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