Workplace Report (April 2021)

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HSE updates Covid guidance

The HSE has updated and expanded its advice on workplace ventilation during the Covid pandemic. This includes guidance on identifying and taking action on poorly ventilated areas and highlights other factors employers should consider when assessing the risk from aerosol transmission and determining whether ventilation is adequate.

It says employers can reduce the risk of aerosol transmission by:

• making sure infected workers or visitors with coronavirus symptoms do not come into the workplace;

• providing adequate ventilation with fresh air;

• limiting the number of people in an area;

• thinking about activities that increase deeper breathing, including singing, physical exertion and shouting; and

• ensuring workers spend less time in occupied areas.

The HSE has also updated guidance to help employers “have conversations” with their workforce about providing support and keeping control measures in place. This makes clear that the law requires employers to consult with workers about reducing risks from coronavirus in the workplace, including through trade unions. The advice is now online and contains more guidance on supporting higher-risk groups; returning to the workplace; ventilation and air conditioning; and stress, mental health and wellbeing.

The updated guidance on ventilation and air conditioning during the pandemic can be found at:

Talking with your workers about preventing coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found at:

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