Workplace Report (October 2021)

Health & safety news

Royal Mail launches stress risk assessment

Royal Mail Group has launched a group stress risk assessment process, based on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) management standards and survey tool, after agreement with the CWU communications and Unite CMA managers’ unions. It adds to the existing work-related stress management toolkit, which includes an individual stress risk assessment. The new process is designed to gather the opinions of the workforce through a survey. The aggregated responses provide a broad indication of how well the risks associated with work-related stress are being managed.

CWU national health and safety officer Dave Joyce said that, if properly implemented, it could “significantly reduce levels of illness caused by work-related stress” and be “a major component in the vision for a workplace with good mental health for all”. Prevention is at the heart of this vision, he added.

CWU area and local reps will be fully engaged in the newly-agreed process.

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