Workplace Report (October 2021)

Learning and training news

Apprenticeship flexibilities to end

Some of the flexibilities in apprenticeships introduced due to the Covid pandemic are coming to an end, while others will be retained, according to the IATE, which governs the programmes.

Ten flexibilities were introduced early on in the pandemic because of the restrictions on apprentices attending workplaces, colleges and assessments (see Labour Research May 2020). They included, for example, extending the length of the end assessment period.

After consultation, the IATE has decided that the extended assessment period is one of the 10 flexibilities that will stop at the end of the year “depending on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic at that time. Where necessary, this deadline may be extended for specific sectors still experiencing disruption due to Covid-19”.

However, it says the other seven, such as allowing assessment exams to be done online, “will be retained as permanent amendments, where it is clear they represent an improvement on the arrangements which were in place before Covid-19”.

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