Workplace Report (October 2021)

Bargaining news

Yodel drivers vote to strike

More than 250 Yodel drivers who are members of the GMB general union have voted to strike, in a row over pay and conditions. Any action is likely to affect big brand clients such as Marks and Spencer, Aldi, Very and others, the union said.

It explained that the dispute started when the company tried to impose extra workload on the drivers, reneged on agreements over annual leave, and offered incentives and enhancements to try and recruit extra agency staff, while not offering the same to their directly-employed workforce. The company is also delaying giving a pay rise to drivers when these are being given elsewhere across the industry due to acute labour shortages. A decisive 98% of drivers voted to take industrial action, on an 84% turnout.

GMB national officer Nadine Houghton, commented: “With acute labour shortages across a range of sectors the time for working people to organise and take action to improve their lot is right now.

“GMB members working for Yodel will immediately be agreeing dates for their first round of strikes and, with the majority of Yodel’s drivers voting to walk out, parcel deliveries will be significantly hit.

“We urge any drivers not yet organised into a union to follow the example set by Yodel’s drivers – join the GMB, get organised and fight for what you’re worth.”

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