Workplace Report (November 2021)

Health & safety - HSE Monitor

New Covid ventilation resources launched

The HSE has collaborated with the BOHS occupational hygiene and worker health protection charity to develop a free, non-technical, online ventilation tool to help limit the transmission of Covid-19 in workplaces. It provides guidance and an indication of the effectiveness of ventilation systems.

The new tool, BOHS Simple Ventilation Self-Help Guide for Workplaces During the Coronavirus Pandemic, can be found on the BOHS website, which also has more detailed guidance on Covid and ventilation.

The Independent SAGE group of scientists has produced a Covid Scores on the Doors communication and information system designed to provide technical information about mechanical and natural ventilation in indoor public spaces in buildings. The process involves “taking the results from expert technical room assessments and translating them into colour-coded door/room labelling (green to red) using icons to represent the behavioural mitigations necessary to use spaces safely”.

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