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2018 all issues

[cover image]April 2018
Issue 16 (19/04/2018) - Exposure to asbestos
; Inflation at its lowest for a year

; Number of jobless people resumes its fall; Total earnings growth takes a hit in February

 Issue 15 (12/04/2018) - Factory output slows down this year and last; Lack of support for low-skilled staff; Forty directors pocket total of over £210m; MPs outline package of pension proposals

; University is trying to derecognise unions Issue 14 (05/04/2018) - Splashing the cash on consultants and pay-off; Balance of payment's deficit narrows in 2017; Government consults on bereavement leave; Rights of workers in UK supply chain; Postal group fined over safety; New Acas guidance on agency workers; Growth in economy revised upwards[More ...]

[cover image]March 2018
Issue 13 (29/03/2018) - Keep uprating pensions by RPI, says 
government; Police were involved in blacklisting of workers; Change culture to tackle sexual harassment

; Employment law change in April; Rise in trafficking and modern day slavery Issue 12 (22/03/2018) - Working dads failed by workplace policies; Jobless increase at start of 2018; Inflation cut but no end to living standards crisis
; Earnings rise falls back below 3% Issue 11 (15/03/2018) - Quiche added to 2018 inflation basket; Chancellor Hammond doesn't spring surprise; Minimum wage offenders named; Landmark ruling over employee's cancer; Equal pay claims stack up in retail sector; More goods leaving factory gates Issue 10 (08/03/2018) - Thirty-one directors pocket £84 million

; Takeovers by UK firms abroad at 17-year high
; Review of impact of work on wellbeing

; Women's Pay Day

; Redundancies a threat to technical education Issue 9 (01/03/2018) - TUC advises on what to do in bad weather; Time 'on call' counts as working time; Workers' pensions should not be a lottery

; Economic growth for 2017 revised down; Above-inflation rise in childcare costs; No end in sight for UK's pay squeeze[More ...]

[cover image]February 2018
issue 8 (22/02/2018) - Increase in tribunal compensation limits
; Ditch derogation that penalises agency staff; Earnings still playing catch-up with inflation; Unemployment rises for first time in 17 months; Economic potential of older workers Issue 7 (15/02/2018) - Workers'rights under attack post-Brexit

; Good year for factory output in 2017
; Retail price inflation dips at start of 2018; Vice-chancellors attend their pay committees; Employers need to take neurodiversity on board
 Issue 6 (08/02/2018) - Government responds to Taylor review

; Night work and its links to cancer
; Part-time pay penalty suffered by women; Unite defeat attempt to restrict picketing
; DPD courier fined for hospital visit dies

; Tesco could face huge equal pay bill
; Union voice missing on food and drink council Issue 5 (01/02/2018) - The ups and downs of RPI inflation measure

; UK pilots agree recognition at Ryanair
; UK economic growth slower last year; Game's contractors will pay Living Wage
; Scottish law aims for gender balance; Internships are unpaid and unfair, says study; Gender pay gap - the results so far; Do share buybacks push up executive pay?[More ...]

[cover image]January 2018
Issue 4 (25/01/2018) - Fawcett finds system is failing women

; Living standards hit by lower earnings growth; Call for public inquiry into blacklisting; Unemployment down - but only by 3,000

; Medical examinations for asbestos workers Issue 3 (18/01/2018) - Retail inflation hits six-year high; Stiff upper lip rules or maybe not?; Economic insecurity more widespread; Blue Monday how I hate Blue Monday
; Watchdog unsure of benefits of PFI
 Issue 2 (11/01/2018) - Twenty nine executives pocket over £70m

; Gender pay gap in civil service revealed; Unions welcome action on laser pens; Factory output at a 10-year high; Divest from carbon - UNISON guide Issue 1 (04/01/2018) - Will Britain get a pay rise this year?; Companies that face shareholder dissent; Knight review on e-balloting by unions

; UK economy grows in third quarter 2017
; Pay penalty suffered by agency workers; Some improvement in balance of payments[More ...]