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Latest booklet - Taking industrial action - a legal guide

UK laws on industrial action were already some of the most restrictive in the developed world before the draconian Trade Union Act 2016 came into force. On 1 March 2017 that Act, described by the TUC as “the most serious attack on the rights of trade unions and their members in a generation”, introduced an extra layer of restrictions on balloting, notice and picketing.

This booklet aims to help union reps and negotiators understand the restrictions, navigate them and discover what they can do within those confines. It also looks at other types of action unions are taking to meet their objectives in helping members improve their pay and conditions when a dispute arises.

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The popular LRD Booklets provide invaluable information on a range of trade union and labour movement concerns. An average of 10 or 11 booklets are produced each year. There are guides to issues that are permanently on the trade union agenda - such as health and safety, state benefits and sick pay - as well as rapid analysis of new developments affecting trade unionists - such as new employment laws and codes.

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