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2019 all issues

[cover image]March 2019
Issue 11 (14/03/2019) - Female empowerment; Alexa, add yourself to the shopping basket

; Factory output shrinks but GDP higher

; Big deal boosts foreign takeover value in UK; Holiday pay campaign to raise awareness Issue 10 (07/03/2019) - The long wait for Women's Pay Day; Discrimination success for civil service unions; Disabled passport aims to get people support; Police colluded in blacklisting

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[cover image]February 2019
Issue 9 (28/02/2019) - New tribunal awards limits set from April; Long hours put women at risk of depression; Public sector workers on low pay

; Fair work plan for Scotland revealed

; Use of secretive courts a corporate disgrace Issue 8 (21/02/2019) - Three-quarters of lone parents in poverty; Unemployed numbers start falling again; Fire service funding cut
; Average weekly earnings growth on back foot Issue 7 (14/02/2019) - Inflation cut to lowest level since 2016

; Two-tier workforce for Essex hospital?; Putting mental health first aid into practice; UK economy at its weakest since 2012; Guide to tackling gender pay gap Issue 6 (07/02/2019) - Part-time working parents penalised; Another win but equal pay saga drags on; How to combat age discrimination at work

; Government delay hits pensions of low-paid

; Living Wage boost for uni staff in south west[More ...]

[cover image]January 2019
Issue 5 (31/01/2019) - Call for common sense during bad weather

; New protections for pregnant women; Manufacturing - a warning from Unite

; More employers sign Dying to Work charter; Care workers not being paid for travel time; ♥Unions week targets zero-hours contracts
; A lesson in throwing good money after bad? Issue 4 (24/01/2019) - Think tank dispels myths on state aid; Growth in average earnings falls back

; A further rise in unemployment; Gender pension gap is wide across UK
; NEU members back union's cuts campaign Issue 3 (17/01/2019) - Data show inflation rates at two-year low

; Top dollar pay at NHS Property Services; Unions want probation service renationalised
; Weak manufacturing impacts on production; Timely campaign to boost flexible working Issue 2 (10/01/2019) - NHS plan - you forgot about the staff; Setting of boardroom pay needs reform; Prescription safety eyewear not goggles; Tory austerity drags households into hock Issue 1 (03/01/2019) - Firefighting cuts are putting public at risk; RPI inflation down

; Code of practice on sexual harassment

; Good work plan is Tory response to Taylor [More ...]