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[cover image]February 2021
issue 8 (25/02/2021) - Unemployment rises, with young hardest-hit; CIPD: firms planning to hire but CJRS must stay; Uber drivers win Supreme Court victory; Unions challenge viability of 'roadmap' measures Issue 7 (18/02/2021) - GDP fell to record low in 2020; Exit cap ditched in face of union pressure; Inflation rises slightly; Unions join business federation to call for better deal for self-employed; 10% pay claim for local government workers; Government confirms plan to raise minimum pension age to 57; New pensions act 'will offer added protections'; New group to focus on workplace rights; Issue 6 (11/02/2021) - Unions and operators unite in praise of new offshore accord; Covid policies 'skewed towards men'; Industry calls for online sales tax to save shops; Push to make health and safety a fundamental ILO right; Government pension liabilities rise by 21%; Poor PPE to 'blame' for ambulance workers' 1 in 3 Covid rate Issue 5 (04/02/2021) - TUC calls for workers' budget; One in eight furloughed; Pandemic has robbed workers of $3.7 trillion, ILO says; Make flexible working 'day one right', urges chartered institute; Deliveroo case reaches Court of Appeal; UK takes biggest GDP hit of G7 countries; Safer hours negotiated for PO staff; Health staff at mental health 'brink'[More ...]

[cover image]January 2021
Issue 4 (28/01/2021) - Unemployment four-year high shows need for furlough extension; Record 795,000 job losses planned last year; TUC: one in 10 threatened with fire and re-hire; Figures identify jobs with highest Covid death rates Issue 3 (21/01/2021) - Plea to retain furlough through 2021; Unions slam reported rights rollback; Millions in danger due to economic insecurity; Employers pull out of Covid duties deal; Strike threat over campus teaching; Union sounds alarm over latest centralisation news; New strike at British Gas; Inflation rises from previous low Issue 2 (14/01/2021) - UNISON elects first woman leader; Union support for vaccination; Unions slate 'dangerous confusion' over school attendance; Health coalition wants staff thanked with pay rise, not just clapping; BMA demands vaccination within two weeks; Morrisons to be first to pay £10 an hour; Union urges councils to take back control Issue 1 (07/01/2021) - Schools U-turn follows union pressure; TUC 'replace outdated Covid safety rules'; Top CEOs 'earned average salary in three days'; Treasury announces relief package; Call to furlough parents during school closures; Minimum wage non-payers shamed; Call to improve shop safety; 2020 worst year for retail job losses [More ...]