Labour Research February 2019

Tackling the scourge of modern slavery - Unions are essential to anti-slavery initiatives and have a crucial role to play in highlighting modern slavery; Building a climate for climate change jobs - How can unions promote a transition to green and sustainable production, including in sectors dependant on carbon-intensive industries?; How to report the ethnicity pay gap? - Ethnic pay gap reporting is on the cards. UK unions have expressed a range of views as to how such reporting could be achieved


Unions say ‘no deal’ to prospect of No Deal Brexit
 (391 words)

The heads of the British and Irish union federations have urged the government to halt the prospect of a No Deal Brexit after prime minister Theresa ...
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Uncertain future for car industry
 (291 words)

Unions are closely monitoring developments in the car industry after Jaguar Land Rover and Ford announced thousands of redundancies last month.
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More High Street gloom
 (237 words)

The High Street has been dealt another hammer blow with the announcement that retailer Marks & Spencer is due to close more stores, despite it ...
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NHS plan slated over failure to deal with staff shortages
 (321 words)

Health unions have slammed prime minister Theresa May’s 10-year plan for the NHS for failing to acknowledge that it must first deal with the ...
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Warning over outsourcing
 (218 words)

The government has been accused of learning nothing in the wake of union research revealing that up to £95 billion of public sector contracts were ...
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PCS pay campaign launched (246 words)

Over the last month, the PCS civil service union has been carrying out briefings across the country as part of a mass consultation on the 2019 civil ...
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Manufacturing takes a big hit
 (198 words)

The UK economy has been hit by a “steep decline” in manufacturing, figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show.
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Inflation falls (69 words)

Inflation was at its lowest level for two years, official figures show.
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Key economic indicators

Key economic indicators (422 words)

Inflation +2.7%, Average earnings +3.2% ...
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Union news

Pharmacists face final hurdle in long-running Boots saga (482 words)

Voting gets underway this month in the final stint of a long-running campaign by 7,000 Boots pharmacists to gain recognition at the firm for the ...
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Unite launches immigration law helpline for migrant members (158 words)

The Unite general union has launched a Brexit immigration law helpline to assist its migrant worker members. 
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PCS consultation on women's representation and participation
 (139 words)

The PCS public and commercial services union is conducting a consultation throughout the union on improving the representation and participation of ...
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Video game workers launch union branch
 (100 words)

The UK’s first ever union branch for video game workers has been officially launched by the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB), as ...
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European news

Zero hours contracts set to be outlawed in Ireland (474 words)

From the start of next month, zero hours contracts will be banned in Ireland. Other than in exceptional circumstances, workers will have a right to ...
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French unions divided over Great Debate
 (234 words)

French union confederations have taken different positions on the so-called Great Debate, which the French president, Emanuel Macron, has launched in ...
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Hungarian protests
 (114 words)

Hungarian unions are continuing their protests against the so-called “slave law”, which substantially changes overtime arrangements. 
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Strikes in Spain
 (75 words)

Spain’s two main union confederations, CCOO and UGT, have agreed to call for strike action across the country on 8 March as part of their campaign ...
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Call to delay Brexit
 (53 words)

Luca Visentini, general secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), has called for “the extension or withdrawal of article 50” to ...
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Unions address horror of modern slavery
 (2,688 words)

Unions have a vital role to play in tackling the plight of the victims of modern slavery, as Labour Research finds.
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Working for a just transition
 (2,493 words)

Labour Research looks at union policies and action on “just transition” — the process enabling a shift to a low-carbon economy that is ...
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Nailing down ethnic pay reporting
 (2,428 words)

The government has stated its intention to legislate for mandatory ethnic pay gap reporting. But there are a range of views, including those from ...
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Law Matters

Agency client was de facto employer of carer
 (294 words)

A live-in carer engaged by an agency for the same client for three years was an employee of the client, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ...
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Obligation over written particulars is clarified
 (321 words)

Employees are entitled to receive a written statement of their employment particulars within two months of the start of their employment, as ...
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Suggestion of lying did not show bias, says tribunal (244 words)

Telling the claimant’s barrister there was no need to “lie” did not demonstrate that the judge was biased, says the Employment Appeal Tribunal ...
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Law Queries

Consultation and job changes
 (337 words)

Q. Does our employer have to consult the union where they plan to make changes to our jobs but there are no actual redundancies? ...
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Retraction of notice (176 words)

Q. Can I retract my notice? I have just resigned from my job but have had second thoughts. ...
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Acas and tribunal claim (238 words)

Q. Do I have to go through Acas to bring an employment tribunal claim? ...
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Law Back-up

Is the government’s ‘Good Work Plan’ good enough?
 (821 words)

The government’s Good Work Plan outlines its proposals to bring into effect recommendations following the Taylor Review. But the plan falls far ...
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Health & Safety Matters

Scotland’s teachers stressed by workload
 (304 words)

A shocking 76% of Scotland’s teachers frequently feel stressed as a result of their workload, according to new research by the EIS Scottish ...
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New framework needed for workers’ health and safety (191 words)

A new Hazards Campaign manifesto calls for a health and safety framework fit for workers, with strong laws, strict enforcement and support for active ...
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UNISON issues call over violence at work
 (145 words)

Public services union UNISON has written to every councillor in the UK asking them to make the union’s End Violence at Work charter a central part ...
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out bullying 
 (106 words)

The leader of the doctors’ BMA union in Scotland has called for urgent action to stamp out the “scandal” of bullying and harassment in the ...
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Health & Safety Back-up

Taking the strain out of aches and pains
 (895 words)

This month provides unions and safety reps with an opportunity to focus on repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and other musculoskeletal disorders, with ...
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Equality news

Brexit may worsen life for BAME communities
 (393 words)

Brexit has the potential to make life worse for black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) communities, both economically and socially. says a briefing ...
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Women’s jobs hit most by automation and austerity
 (236 words)

Almost 400,000 jobs held by women in the public sector, banking and retail have been lost since 2011, according to research from the Royal Society ...
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Disabled people can’t use 40% of stations (227 words)

More than 1,000 railway stations in Britain lack disabled access, according to an analysis of Office of Rail and Road data by disability charity ...
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Workplace Back-up

Flexible working has hit plateau, says study
 (874 words)

New research shows that the number of people using flexible working has flatlined since 2010, despite the 2014 extension of the right to request ...
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e-views (408 words)

One of the growing trends in technology is the increasing use of chatbots. 
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News from LRD

LRD Annual General Meeting (174 words)

Recruiting, organising and campaigning with young workers will be on the agenda at this year’s Labour Research Department AGM on Monday 20 May. 
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