Labour Research December 2019

Union news

Sarah Woolley eleccted as BFAWU general sectratary

The 17,000-strong bakery and food workers union, the BFAWU, has elected its first ever female general secretary to replace Ronnie Draper who is retiring. Sarah Woolley, currently a regional organising secretary for the union, will take over at the helm from 1 July next year.

She stood on a platform of change and renewal, saying that the union had “arrived at a fork in the road”. 

She told the Morning Star newspaper that the union either carries on as it is, “doing what we have always done because it worked decades ago, and see our membership continue to decline — or we can take the other route and make changes, working together collectively, listening to new ideas and trying alternatives.

“I want us to step out of our comfort zones to draw in new areas of membership, as we have with the fast food campaign, because we have a duty to look after everyone in our industry.”