Labour Research February 2020

European news

Disruption continues in France

The dispute over the French government’s plan to change the country’s pension system has continued to produce major transport disruption — particularly in Paris — as well as demonstrations involving hundreds of thousands of marchers.

The most recent major demonstration on 24 January, the date when the government met to discuss the proposals, was the seventh major protest since the action started on 5 December last year. That demonstration again brought large numbers on to the streets. 

The are some signs that the level of strikes on the railways and on the Paris transport system has fallen, but last month, dockers blocked the ports in Le Havre, Marseilles and Bordeaux. And elsewhere, the demonstrations have also been joined by lawyers and teachers.

The government has offered changes to the plan to delay the age at which a full pension is paid, which is set to increase from 62 to 64. But its proposal would not remove the requirement to work an additional two years, only delay its implementation.