Labour Research February 2020

European news

Polish union call for 
longer holidays

OPZZ, one of Poland’s three main union confederations, has called on the government to introduce 35 days holiday a year. The call is among the confederation’s responses to proposals from the government to increase levels of employment among the over-50s. 

Currently all workers have 20 days holiday a year, although this increases to 26 after 10 years’ service. 

The confederation is also calling for the introduction of so-called mentoring contracts, under which older and more experienced employees would pass on their knowledge to younger colleagues.

As well as allowing more flexible working and cutting the social security contributions they pay, the government is considering reducing the protection against dismissal for workers within four years of retirement, where their performance falls below 80% of the norm. 

The issues will be discussed in the official social dialogue forum, where unions, employers and the government are all present.