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Current issue (January 2021)

Firms use pandemic to implement fire and rehire - Under cover of the coronavirus crisis, a number of employers are threatening to fire thousands of staff and rehire them on worse terms; Grim outlook for jobs and the economy - On top of the economic shock of the coronavirus pandemic, the coming year sees Britain facing the impact of Brexit; What is the effect of Long COVID on working lives? - Acquiring coronavirus can mean long-term debilitating and distressing symptoms. What does this mean for workers with Long COVID?

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Labour Research is the UK monthly that keeps you right on top of what's happening in the unions - from how they're responding to the impact of government policy on unions and working people to union initiatives on recruitment and growth.

The magazine also provides regular updates on workers' legal rights and changes in employment law, as well as the essential information union reps need to monitor, and take effective action on, health and safety at work. And it gives the latest information on equality matters and European Union developments.