Workplace Report January 2017

Health & safety news

Lorry drivers ‘caught short’ by lack of toilets

The government should take urgent action to ensure that lorry drivers, whose workplace is the UK road network, have adequate parking and eating facilities as well as decent showers and toilets, says the Unite general union. 

It accuses the government of “falling short” when half a million lorry drivers are “caught short” looking for toilet facilities, and has criticised its plans as “too much talk and not enough action”. 

Last month, transport minister John Hayes announced “an extensive national survey of lorry parking”, but Unite has called for developers to be obliged to include parking facilities for drivers in their plans.

The union also wants a statutory, legally-binding code of practice setting down minimum standards for both public and privately-owned facilities. It points out that lorry drivers are travelling across the UK for up to five-days-at-a-time. 

Earlier this month, dock workers took part in a protest over the lack of decent welfare facilities for workers and drivers visiting Liverpool’s Seaforth container terminal. 

Unite regional officer Colin Carr said: “Our members have little or no welfare facilities and appalling toilet facilities. 

“There are also no toilets or canteen facilities available for visiting lorry drivers.”