Workplace Report January 2017

Bargaining news

It’s £10 an hour for some on the buses

A number of collectively agreed deals recently added to the LRD Payline database ensure that some if not all of the workers covered can earn at least £10 an hour — a rate which some unions aim for as a minimum. 

The aspiration for a headline rate of £10 an hour for Contract A drivers at Stagecoach South (Winchester) led to an extended agreement with the pay anniversary moving to March 2018. 

From last December, the rate for Contract A drivers was set at £10 after more than 12 months’ service. Trainees on Contract B start at £7.40, but progress to £10.67 an hour over the same period. 

A five-month agreement at bus company First South West (Cornwall) raised basic pay by 4.05% to £9.50 an hour, but drivers can earn £10.50 an hour on overtime. Trainee rates commence a £7.50 an hour.