Workplace Report June 2017

Regional allowances - Compensation for the high cost of living is paid around the country but particularly in London. Workplace Report surveys what is paid and reports on the pressure for wider coverage and increases in the allowances; Justice sector pay - Staff in the various sectors have had their pay held back. But pressure is now building for some pay relief with calls for an end to the 1% public sector pay cap; Latest case law on dismissal, transfers and redundancy

Pay and prices

Settlements steady at 2.4%
 (115 words)

It was as you were in May as LRD’s Payline database of collective agreements posted a three-monthly median increase of 2.4%, the same rise as for ...
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Labour Research Department’s Payline Database 
 (225 words)

Percentage increases on lowest basic rates (by agreements covered)
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Average weekly earnings (AWE)
 (274 words)

Regular pay excluding bonuses. Percentage annual increases
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Full-time weekly average earnings
 (42 words)

ASHE 2016 median uprated by AWE. ...
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XpertHR (19 words)

Median increases for three months to May 2017 ...
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Prices (77 words)

1 Retail Prices Index (RPI), 
Jan ’87=100 ...
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2017 forecasts (38 words)

1 Fourth quarter ...
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Bargaining news

Unions demand end to public sector pay cap
 (850 words)

The 8 June general election which robbed the Conservative government of its parliamentary majority raises many questions, including the future of the ...
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Workers are cheated out of £2.7 billion a year
 (389 words)

Workers in the UK could be short-changed to the tune of £2.7 billion a year in unpaid wages, researchers from the Unpaid Britain project have ...
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Wish you were here?
 (348 words)

Improvements in holiday entitlement, holiday pay or related arrangements have proved popular among the latest deals monitored by LRD’s Payline ...
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What’s the rate for the job?
 (124 words)

Members of the UCU university and college union are being urged to check their salary against that of other education professionals.
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Outloook for pay in 2017
 (166 words)

The TUC has published a report on pay trends in 2016 and the outlook for 2017 compiled by Incomes Data Research which suggests that far too many ...
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End looms to teaching assistants drawn-out dispute over hours of work
 (414 words)

Over 2,000 teaching assistants in Durham have been offered a new grading structure, potentially resolving a long-running dispute over their hours of ...
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New union initiative targets self-employed
 (266 words)

A Partnership aimed at self-employed workers has been launched by the Community trade union and social enterprise Indycube. 
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UNISON sets out stall on social care 
 (254 words)

The Conservative minority government will soon be receiving a report from the Independent Review of Employment Practices in the Modern Economy, ...
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Equality news

Gender bias colours students and parents views of apprenticeships
 (285 words)

Young people and their parents think apprenticeships are for “male” industries, according to research carried out by insurance group Prudential. ...
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Employers should sign up more older people
 (400 words)

The government and UK charity Business in the Community (BITC) have called on employers to sign up to a pledge to secure one million more older ...
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Universities need to address academic gender pay gap
 (252 words)

Unless urgent action is taken, it will take 40 years to close the academic gender pay gap in higher education, warns a new report by the UCU ...
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Learning and training news

Holyrood expands graduate-level apprenticeships
 (242 words)

Hundreds of people will have the opportunity to study for degree-level courses while in employment thanks to a significant expansion of Graduate ...
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E-training module helps with dyslexia support
 (99 words)

A new online training module to help union members and activists support colleagues who have, or suspect they have, dyslexia has been launched.
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Recruitment and organisation news

Votes of confidence for collective bargaining
 (397 words)

Some 200 largely Asian workers who prepare food for sandwich-shop chain EAT in North West London have won the right to collective bargaining. A ...
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Disappointing fall in union membership (105 words)

The official union membership statistics show only bad news for the union movement in 2016. The number of employees who were trade union members fell ...
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European news

Dutch unions make headway on limiting precarious work
 (409 words)

In its six-monthly round-up on pay, FNV, the largest union confederation in the Netherlands, reports that it is signing an increasing number of the ...
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Benefits of teleworking
 (332 words)

Unions and employers in France have produced a report on teleworking and distance working which suggests that the experience has been largely ...
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Study points up pension gender gap
 (269 words)

The gap between women’s and men’s pay is well documented, but a new survey by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) highlights an even ...
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Law - Dismissal

Dismissal - the law (652 words)

f Employees dismissed unfairly can go to a tribunal if they have been working for at least two years. Some specific types of dismissal do not ...
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Doubts about true identity of person can justify dismissal
 (694 words)

In 2000, Ms Ssekisonge was granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK. A few years later she became a British citizen. 
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Cardiologist unfairly dismissed over protected disclosures
 (677 words)

Mr Beatt was employed as a cardiologist at Croydon University Hospital.
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Law - TUPE

Transfers - the law (207 words)

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) are intended to protect the rights of employees on the transfer of ...
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No duty on transferee to state if bonus was contractual or not
 (684 words)

This case involved a dispute over the type of information that a transferor is required to provide to a transferee. 
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Law - Redundancy

Redundancy - the law (224 words)

A redundancy situation exists where an employer closes or intends to close the workplace or reduce the number of employees doing a particular kind of ...
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Usual test of fairness applies to redundancy in restructuring
 (636 words)

Ms Green was employed by Barking and Dagenham Council until she was dismissed with effect from 25 July 2014. ...
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Correct tests for suitable job and unreasonable refusal to take it
 (539 words)

Ms Dunne’s period of continuous employment started on 1 June 2003 with a predecessor of Colin and Avril (Colins). She worked as a part-time ...
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Health & safety news

Efficiency savings are threat to pupils’ safety
 (278 words)

Public service union UNISON has warned the government that the £3 billion of “efficiency savings” it expects schools to make by 2020 will put ...
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No to pilot flexi scheme 
for courts (250 words)

The public and commercial services PCS union has advised its members not to volunteer to take part in flexible operating hours pilots due to be ...
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Wellbeing affected by cuts
 (146 words)

Cuts in public services are leading to increasing workloads, work-related stress and mental health issues, according to physiotherapists’ union CSP ...
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How to create violence-free workplaces
 (107 words)

A European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) report showcases how unions have used collective bargaining, union awareness-raising and campaigns, and ...
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Violence in schools
 (145 words)

The GMB general union is calling for a zero-tolerance approach to violence in schools. A survey by the union found that more than half of school ...
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Health & safety - HSE Monitor

Many questions to be answered over Grenfell tower (330 words)

The massive fire at Grenfell Tower in west London earlier this month, which killed at least 79 people, has prompted calls for corporate manslaughter ...
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Directors jailed over health and safety failings
 (393 words)

Cutting corners on safety tosave money has landed three directors in jail after their failings led to the death of a worker. 
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TUC highlights post-Brexit
 threat to health and safety
 (281 words)

Health and safety protections are at risk from the government’s Brexit plans, a new TUC briefing has warned. 
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New demands for allowances and increases in payments
 (2,302 words)

There is pressure from unions in cities outside of London to have their own compensation for living costs to be recognised. Meanwhile, unions are ...
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Quality of mercy – and pay – is strained by public sector pay cap
 (2,349 words)

The probation service has undergone what the probation workers’ union NAPO describes as “chaotic” changes over several years under the ...
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