Workplace Report September 2019

Pensions - Workplace Report surveys the contribution levels from employers and staff in 54 defined contribution pension schemes and also takes a look at the background of six Master Trust; Latest case law on dismissal

Pay and prices

Pay deals post 2.9% increase
 (97 words)

It’s been a case of two steps forward, one step back for settlements in the past three months.
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Labour Research Department’s Payline Database 
 (226 words)

Percentage increases on lowest basic rates (by agreements covered) 
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Average weekly earnings (AWE)
 (251 words)

Regular pay excluding bonuses. Percentage annual increases 
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Full-time weekly average earnings
 (40 words)

ASHE 2018 median uprated by AWE. ...
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XpertHR (19 words)

Median increases for three months to August 2019 ...
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Prices (77 words)

1 Retail Prices Index (RPI), 
Jan ’87=100 ...
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2019 forecasts (39 words)

1 Fourth quarter ...
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Bargaining news

Public sector pensions — the ins and outs
 (780 words)

Pensions are high on the bargaining agenda in the public sector as unions in various sectors are facing different challenges.
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Five-month wait for Capita staff to get Living Wage
 (331 words)

As the November anniversary for new voluntary Living Wage rates gets closer, interest is rising in what the new rates will be and when the 5,000+ ...
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COGo app helps users locate Living Wage employers (92 words)

Raising the profile of the Living Wage even further, the Living Wage Foundation has teamed up with new downloadable app called CoGo, making it easier ...
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Pay recognition at last for Childline superivisors
 (282 words)

Childline’s sessional supervisors, employed by the NSPCC children’s charity, should see a positive boost to their standard of living after the ...
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Scottish decorators look to win cut in working hours
 (271 words)

The knotty problem of how productivity can be increased by reducing working hours and increasing holiday entitlement was raised by the Unite union in ...
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Strike at Science Museum as two galleries get 3% rises
 (425 words)

Union members at three of the country’s top museums and galleries have experienced varied treatment from management over pay.
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Increase for teachers in Wales still means cut in real terms
 (364 words)

Teachers in Wales received their first independent pay rise of recent times this year, as the Welsh government awarded an increase above that ...
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Routes to shorter working hours 
 (237 words)

Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell has committed a future Labour government to reducing the average working week to 32 hours within a decade. ...
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Equality news

Decent standard of living out of reach for lone parents
 (418 words)

Working lone parents face drastic and growing shortfalls in income, warns the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) campaign group.
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Class prejudice is alive and well in Britain
 (296 words)

The TUC has called for new legal measures to tackle class discrimination in the workplace as a new report reveals that graduates from wealthier ...
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Assessment of Mid-life Skills Review Project
 (279 words)

Unionlearn, the TUC’s education arm, is holding an event in November to share information gained from its Mid-life Skills Review Project aimed at ...
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Learning and training news

Union wins pay-out for apprentices
 (255 words)

A campaign by the PCS civil service union has secured a “significant” financial pay-out for more than 100 Home Office apprentices after the ...
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Recruitment and organisation news

‘Landmark’ deal at Rolls-Royce signed by Unite
 (493 words)

General union Unite has had a bumper few weeks for recognition agreements, including a “landmark” deal on behalf of 1,700 managers at ...
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All power to Prospect at Baglan Bay
 (161 words)

Professionals and specialists’ union Prospect has reached a recognition agreement with the operators of Baglan Bay power station in South Wales to ...
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European news

Dutch unions want a bigger slice of economic growth
 (382 words)

FNV, which is both the largest union and the largest union confederation in the Netherlands, has for the second year running called for a 5% pay ...
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French medium-sized firms to publish equality index
 (381 words)

This month, around 6,000 French companies must publish a single figure, an “equality index”, measuring their progress towards workplace equality ...
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Airline staff in Austria want industry-wide deal
 (99 words)

Hundreds of pilots and cabin crew on Vienna-based airlines disrupted flights earlier this month, when they took part in company-wide meetings on 11 ...
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Flexible parental leave in Italian post office
 (120 words)

Unions in the Italian post office, Poste Italiane, have reached an agreement which will allow parental leave to be used more flexibly. 
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Ryanair deal in Germany
 (75 words)

German pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit has signed its first deal with the low-cost airline Ryanair, following strike action earlier in the year. ...
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Law - Dismissal

Dismissal - the law (724 words)

f Employees dismissed unfairly can go to a tribunal if they have been working for at least two years. Some specific types of dismissal do not ...
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Worker fairly dismissed by Royal Mail over poor attendance record
 (987 words)

Mr Kelly worked as a postperson for 21 years until his dismissal by Royal Mail (RM) for poor attendance. 
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Covert recording not always gross misconduct
 (674 words)

Ms Stockman was dismissed by drug and alcohol charity Phoenix House for an irretrievable breakdown in trust and confidence. 
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An employment contract with undocumented worker not void
 (656 words)

The claimant, Ms Chikale,a Malawian national, was brought to the UK by the respondent, Ms Okedina, to work as her live-in domestic worker. 
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Successful claim but no right to compel re-engagement 
 (428 words)

Dr MacKenzie, a Cambridge University lecturer, won an unfair dismissal claim against the university. 
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No extension to claim missed deadline due to negligence
 (480 words)

Mr Pora, a Polish national, was dismissed by his employer on 12 May 2017, but he did not issue his claims for unfair dismissal and discrimination ...
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Nurse not unfairly dismissed for proselytising
 (479 words)

Ms Kuteh worked as a nurse for Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust (the Trust). Her job involved carrying out pre-operative assessments for patients who ...
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Health & safety news

Employers in three sectors driving staff to exhaustion
 (369 words)

Bus and lorry drivers, as well as construction workers, are being pushed to exhaustion and beyond, according to research by the Unite general union. ...
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Gig economy guide tackles dangers faced by lone workers
 (311 words)

Public services union UNISON has launched the first union gig economy safety guide. 
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Paramedics burn out 
 (146 words)

Three-quarters of paramedics who retired last year left the NHS before the age of 60, according to a GMB general union analysis of data provided by ...
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Action needed on constant barrage of noise in Tube
 (160 words)

Members of the RMT rail union on the London Underground (LU) are demanding urgent action over a “barrage of noise night and day”. 
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Health & safety - HSE Monitor

New head takes over reins of cash-hit safety body
 (212 words)

Sarah Albon, the new chief executive of the HSE, took up her post at the beginning of this month. Albon, the previous chief executive officer of the ...
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Labour protection plan
 (164 words)

The Labour Party has set out its plans for a new and unified Workers’ Protection Agency (WPA). 
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Overhaul rail safety regime
 (244 words)

Rail safety standards, regulation and enforcement must be reformed as soon as possible so they are “genuinely independent and separated from ...
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More resources needed to fight violence in retail (250 words)

Shopworkers’ union Usdaw general secretary Paddy Lillis has called on the government to give the police the resources they need to respond to ...
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How employers and workers are providing for life after work
 (4,884 words)

Since the introduction of pension auto enrolment in 2012 the landscape has changed. Around 1.5 million employers have now met their automatic ...
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