Workplace Report September 2019

Health & safety news

Paramedics burn out 

Three-quarters of paramedics who retired last year left the NHS before the age of 60, according to a GMB general union analysis of data provided by NHS Digital.

The union found that paramedics aged 50 and above who left the NHS in 2018-19 were at a higher risk than other NHS staff of being dismissed, of retiring early due to ill-health or with a reduced pension, or even of dying in service. 

“Our members work desperately hard saving lives — but they just can’t keep it going until they are 68,” said GMB national officer Rachel Harrison. “It’s not fair on our life-saving ambulance staff.” 

The union is calling for paramedics’ retirement age to be brought into line with those of other emergency workers, such as police officers and firefighters, who can retire at the age of 60.