Workplace Report November 2019

Bargaining news

Coventry University appraisal row

Coventry University seems to have pushed members of the UCU lecturers’ union to the brink of strike action with its new appraisal system.

The new scheme would, says UCU, force staff to jump through “unnecessary hoops” to achieve the annual pay award that is standard at other institutions. 

UCU said the system is even worse than its predecessor which left academic staff at Coventry earning over £5,000 less on average than those at other West Midlands universities. 

Anne O’Sullivan, regional official for UCU, said: “The hard-line threat to dock full pay for partial performance has only made staff more determined to fight for change. 

“If the university wants to avoid disruption in the run up to Christmas it needs to scrap the current appraisal system and work with us to agree a fairer alternative.”