Workplace Report November 2019

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Gen Z and mental health

Nearly one in six of Gen Z workers has taken a mental health sick day, but few have been honest with their employer about the true reason for being off work.

Graduate recruiter Milkround found that three-quarters of workers in Gen Z, people aged 24 or under, worried about taking a day off for mental ill health for fear of being labelled a “snowflake” – somebody who is self-obsessed and fragile.

Workers of all ages are still shying away from sharing their struggles with colleagues, but this was more usual among the younger generations. Half of all UK workers admit to suffering from mental ill health rising to 72% of Gen Zs and 58% of Millennials. 

Across all age ranges one in four (23%) said their job was negatively impacting their mental health, compared to nearly two-thirds (64%) from Gen Z and Millennial groups.