Workplace Report February 2020

Equality news

Landmark guide to LGBT inclusive apprenticeships 

Unionlearn has launched the first ever lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) inclusive guide to apprenticeships. 

The new guide from the learning and skills arm of the TUC will help union reps fully support LGBT apprentices in the workplace.

LGBT inclusive apprenticeships explores the barriers LGBT people can face at work, explains workplace rights and offers practical advice on how to improve diversity.

Unionlearn director Kevin: “Apprentices come from a wide range of backgrounds. It’s so important for all of them to feel safe at work and able to grow in their chosen profession.”

The guide also stresses the importance of clear and robust policies and a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of discrimination and harassment.

The guide identifies practical points that unions can include in dialogue with employers around apprenticeship schemes and steps to take when developing a bargaining agenda.

It considers issues around new-starter apprentices, although many of the points discussed have relevance for LGBT+ workers more generally, including existing employees participating in apprenticeship schemes.

Last year, TUC research found that nearly seven in 10 (68%) LGBT people reported being sexually harassed at work

Rowan said: “Bosses need to have policies in place to make sure their workplaces are inclusive — and they need to ensure those policies are working. But many employers could do more to ensure their apprenticeships support lesbian, gay, bi and trans people.”