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[cover image][526 pages] May 2017
Law at Work 2017
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The 2017 edition of Law at Work has been completely revised and updated to include all new and current employment legislation and the most up-to-date case law examples. Law at Work 2017 clearly explains the key areas of employment law, enabling reps and individuals to identify their legal rights. Unlike most other publications on employment law, it examines the law from the perspective of trade unions and workers.[More ...]
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[cover image][101 pages] April 2017
State benefits and tax credits 2017
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Trade unions can play an important role in helping their members claim the benefits to which they are entitled. Thousands of low-paid workers are unaware of their entitlements and subsequently these are not taken up. As such, it is crucial for union reps to be aware of the latest reforms in order to give accurate initial advice. This guide is designed for that purpose. It includes details of the extensive and ongoing welfare reform changes introduced by the Tory government and explains how Universal Credit and the Benefit Cap work. It also covers Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, Child Benefit, parental pay and leave, benefits relating to housing, sickness and injury at work and state pension entitlements.[More ...]

[cover image][56 pages] March 2017
Promoting race equality at work - a union rep's guide
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Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people continue to face significant barriers at work. They are more likely to be unemployed than white people and less likely to be employed in good, permanent jobs, and they are often also subject to racist abuse and harassment. The massive drop in claims due to the introduction of tribunal fees and a rise in hate crimes makes it more important than ever for union reps to take up race equality issues in the workplace. Written from a trade union perspective, this booklet sets out important legal developments in this area. It also explains how to negotiate agreements to reduce inequality and promote diversity, together with practical examples of how unions are combatting racial harassment, bullying and abuse. [More ...]

[cover image][64 pages] February 2017
Protecting workers from violence and abuse - a union rep's guide
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The UK has some of the highest levels of work-related violence in Europe and while the workers most at risk are those in contact with people from outside their organisation, violence and abuse can happen in any workplace. Union reps and safety reps have a key role to play in ensuring that employers provide suitable levels of protection for their workers. This LRD booklet provides practical guidance on how to prevent or reduce work-related violence and abuse, as well as giving advice on what action to take when it does occur. Crucially, it explains how reps can use the law to persuade employers to take action to prevent violence at work. This booklet also provides practical examples showing how unions and reps across a range of sectors and in a variety of workplaces have tackled workplace violence and abuse.[More ...]

[cover image][127 pages] January 2017
Case law at work - 13th edition
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This is the 13th edition of Case Law at Work, the LRD’s key source of information on recent employment law cases. It contains clear summaries and updates of important cases decided by the appeal courts, many of which are not contained in other legal guides.[More ...]
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