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Case law at work - 6th edition

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Introduction (597 words)

There is a very considerable amount of employment legislation governing the workplace, from the right to be paid a minimum wage, to laws protecting ...
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1. The employment law system (6,823 words)

Mr Averns was dismissed in July 2006 having been absent undergoing treatment for cancer. He and his wife believed his employers had prematurely ...
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2. Categories of worker (1,138 words)

Mr Buckborough and Mr Sewell worked as bricklayers on Redrow sites. The employment tribunal decided they were “workers” within the ...
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3. The employment contract (1,819 words)

Ms Cowton had been a care worker at Millside Nursing Home for severely disabled adults for over 10 years. Millside is operated by East Riding of ...
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4. Pay and conditions (1,538 words)

Mr Ainsworth was employed by HMRC as a tax inspector from 1976 until 4 November 2002. He became ill at the end of 2000 and was dismissed four days ...
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5. Discrimination (10,656 words)

Mr Purohit, an Indian national, applied online for a trainee contract with solicitors Osborne Clarke. His application was refused on preliminary ...
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6. Working parents and carers (468 words)

Ms Harrison was told by her childminder on 8 December that she could not look after her children on 22 December. When she could not find anyone else ...
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7. Dismissal (5,133 words)

Ms Hibbins was a language teacher. She read a press report where the police were asking for information about the identity and whereabouts of a ...
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8. Redundancy (3,900 words)

By 2003 Rolls-Royce and general union Unite had finalised two collective agreements (“a” and “b”) on how to select ...
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9. Business transfers and contracting out (4,879 words)

In 2006 Glasgow City Council transferred the 2,000 employees working within its Business Services Division to a new specially created entity called ...
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