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Case law at work - 7th edition

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Introduction (605 words)

There is a very considerable amount of employment legislation governing the workplace, from the right to be paid a minimum wage, to laws protecting ...
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1. The employment law system (5,597 words)

Ms Caston, a police officer, brought an employment tribunal claim for failure to make reasonable adjustments under the Disability Discrimination Act 1 ...
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2. Categories of worker (2,709 words)

An individual’s ability to access particular statutory employment rights generally depends on his or her “employment status”, ...
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3. The employment contract (3,724 words)

Asda wanted to amend the pay structure of some employees to bring them into line with the others. Following extensive consultation, most staff agreed. ...
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4. Pay and conditions (1,633 words)

Ms Malone, Mr Stott and Mr Devereux were employed by BA as cabin crew on flights in and out of Heathrow. Mr Devereux worked on the Eurofleet. The ...
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5. Discrimination (11,412 words)

The claimant was employed as a pharmacy inspector by the company. She made various claims of direct race discrimination, harassment, victimisation ...
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6. Working parents and carers (1,246 words)

In this case, the claimant, Mr Kulikaoskas, tried unsuccessfully to persuade the tribunal that the special protection against discrimination ...
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7. Dismissal (8,071 words)

Mr Mansfield was a prison officer at Pentonville. In April 2006, allegations were made against him of orchestrating violence among prisoners and ...
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8. Redundancy (1,635 words)

Shanahan is an engineering construction contractor. In 2007 it won a contract for construction of a power station near Plymouth, which was being ...
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9. Business transfers and contracting out (4,783 words)

The Legal Complaints’ Service (LCS) was set up by the Law Society to deal with complaints about solicitors’ professional service. LCS ...
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