LRD Booklets November 2011

Workplace pensions reform - a practical guide to auto-enrolment

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Introduction (897 words)

Workplace pensions have been making headlines recently with the government trying to make public sector workers work longer and pay more to get less ...
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1. A new framework for workplace pensions (2,266 words)

Over the next few years every employer will have cause to review their pension arrangements in readiness for a new regime of statutory ...
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2. The challenge for workplace pensions (2,610 words)

Auto-enrolment will deliver a minimum level of pension saving by employers on behalf of workers who also save themselves (rather than opting out) ...
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3. The new auto-enrolment employer duties (4,958 words)

Until now employers’ duties to provide a workplace pension have been strictly limited. Since 2001 employers with five or more employees have ...
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4. Qualifying pension schemes (5,125 words)

The choice of a pension scheme or schemes that the employer intends to have open once their auto-enrolment duties come into force is a key decision ...
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5. Safeguarding pensions (2,468 words)

Statutory auto-enrolment is being introduced at a time of considerable turmoil, change and decline in workplace pension scheme coverage and quality. ...
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Further help and information (66 words)

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