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Using financial information - a practical guide for trade unionists

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Introduction (687 words)

Strong trade union organisation can be a major factor in winning improvements in the workplace over many issues, including pay and other benefits. ...
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1. Different types of employer (935 words)

The first step is to find out what type of organisation you are working for and how to get hold of the relevant financial information. ...
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2. What information is available? (817 words)

The information in this Chapter relates to limited companies, limited liability partnerships and charities, which are also limited companies with no ...
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3. Around the annual report and accounts (1,185 words)

The annual report and accounts of companies or organisations are split into a number of sections. Some information must be given by law, for ...
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4: Profit and loss/income statement (2,564 words)

The profit and loss account is probably the most important single section of the whole of the annual report and accounts. Trade union negotiators ...
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5. Balance sheet (1,936 words)

The information revealed in the balance sheet is not as immediately relevant as, say, a sharp jump in pre-tax profits. But it is essential to ...
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6. Cash flow statement (465 words)

All companies which do not qualify for a small-company exemption must include a cash-flow statement as part of their published accounts. The ...
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7. Other information (929 words)

If a company is a subsidiary of another company the accounts must state the name of the ultimate holding company and its country of incorporation. ...
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8. Small and medium-sized companies (633 words)

European company law reflected through UK company law recognises different sizes of companies and the information requirements for small and ...
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9. Using information to back up pay claims (1,406 words)

Having a copy of the accounts for a company or organisation is very valuable in wage negotiations. However, trade union negotiators need to get the ...
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10. Other ways of using financial information (702 words)

Knowledge of a company’s financial position is also useful in a number of other areas, such as combating job losses and working out some ...
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