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Case law at work - 8th edition

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Introduction (620 words)

There is a huge amount of employment legislation governing the workplace, from the right to be paid a minimum wage to laws protecting workers from ...
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1. The employment law system (5,687 words)

This case examines the deadline for bringing an unfair dismissal claim. It focuses, in particular, on the events that trigger the start of the ...
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2. Categories of worker (2,884 words)

In this most important decision on employment status for the last 15 years, the Supreme Court examined “sham” self-employment ...
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3. The employment contract (6,349 words)

This is an important case making its way through the tribunal system, brought against bus operator Arriva London, by Mr Nicolaou, a bus driver. The ...
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4. Pay and conditions (2,394 words)

This case concerns the rules governing the extent to which employees who are expected to sleep at the workplace while “on-call” ...
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5. Discrimination (6,046 words)

Where an employee suffers from a disability, the employer has a duty to make reasonable adjustments. This case looks at where an employee develops a ...
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6. Working parents and carers (1,344 words)

Mr de Belin was one of a team of two solicitors in the real estate department of Eversheds’ solicitors, based in their Leeds office. The ...
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7. Dismissal (4,751 words)

Mr Booth worked for seven years as a welding maintenance worker for Garside and Laycock (G&L), a company providing building and maintenance ...
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8. Redundancy (4,196 words)

Mr Morgan was employed by the Welsh Rugby Union as National Elite Coach Development Manager. In early 2008, a re-organisation resulted in the loss ...
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9. Business transfers and contracting out (2,688 words)

This case concerned the closure by an NHS Trust of an NHS care home for vulnerable adults and the re-housing of those adults in the community under ...
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