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It is less than a year before the UK is expected to leave the European Union (EU) but even now the terms of leaving remain far from clear. However, much of UK health and safety law is underpinned by EU law which means that a so-called hard Brexit could have severe consequences. In these circumstances it is as important now as it has ever been for safety reps and other union reps to have access to a comprehensive trade union guide to the law on health and safety at work. Health and Safety Law 2018 sets out the law using clear and practical language, it explains the changes that have taken place since the last edition, and addresses likely developments for 2018-19. Health and Safety Law 2018 is an essential tool for safety reps, union reps and officials to protect members and to use in their negotiations with employers.

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The popular LRD Booklets provide invaluable information on a range of trade union and labour movement concerns. An average of 10 or 11 booklets are produced each year. There are guides to issues that are permanently on the trade union agenda - such as health and safety, state benefits and sick pay - as well as rapid analysis of new developments affecting trade unionists - such as new employment laws and codes.

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