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Latest booklet - Drug and alcohol policies at work - a guide for union reps

Union reps need to understand the issues relating to drugs and alcohol at work, particularly as many employers with drug and alcohol policies will use them in disciplinary cases against individual workers. This new guide provides reps and negotiators with positive and effective examples of union action and intervention, using the law and good practice. It explains the law together with government guidance on drugs and alcohol at work and examines employers’ policies, especially around disciplinary procedures and testing, as well as looking at rehabilitation and support for affected workers.

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The popular LRD Booklets provide invaluable information on a range of trade union and labour movement concerns. An average of 10 or 11 booklets are produced each year. There are guides to issues that are permanently on the trade union agenda - such as health and safety, state benefits and sick pay - as well as rapid analysis of new developments affecting trade unionists - such as new employment laws and codes.

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