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State Benefits and Tax Credits 2018 is the latest edition of the Labour Research Department’s annual union reps’ guide to in-work benefits. This year’s edition outlines important changes to Universal Credit which have resulted in major cuts and more stringent rules to qualify for benefits. It is vital for union reps to be aware of the latest benefit reforms. State Benefits and Tax Credits 2018 enables reps to access the current in-work benefit rates and basic rules for qualification in order to give accurate initial advice to members about the benefits they may be able to get. The impact of the government‘s welfare reforms, cuts and freezes, on low-paid workers are explained in detail throughout the booklet.

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The popular LRD Booklets provide invaluable information on a range of trade union and labour movement concerns. An average of 10 or 11 booklets are produced each year. There are guides to issues that are permanently on the trade union agenda - such as health and safety, state benefits and sick pay - as well as rapid analysis of new developments affecting trade unionists - such as new employment laws and codes.

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