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2016 all issues

[cover image]December 2016
Issue 50 (15/12/2016) - UK inflation rate hits two-year high; Unemployment down but levelling off

; Rise in average weekly earnings growth; Few use right to Shared Parental Leave Issue 49 (08/12/2016) - Rents drag working families into poverty; Worrying ignorance on asbestos in schools; TUC attacks cap on small claims

; Government shunts Network Rail off track
; Takeovers down in number, up in value

; Manufacturing output shrinks again Issue 48 (01/12/2016) - Gig economy comes under scrutiny

; UK economy - 0.5% growth confirmed
; Executive pay and corporate governance

; Minimum wage rises from next April; Gender pay gap in London's public sector; Suspended prison sentences over safety[More ...]

[cover image]November 2016
Issue 47 (24/11/2016) - Hammond's first and last Autumn Statement; Disability-related sickness top issue; CitySprint latest gig economy target

; May in reverse over workers on boards

; Young face social mobility problem; Survey on risks of cleaning agents Issue 46 (17/11/2016) - Lower housings costs keep inflation at 2.0; Unemployment falls; September boost for average earnings; UK worst in OECD for investment in transport Issue 45 (10/11/2016) - New rates for voluntary Living Wage

; Theatre of austerity; Unions take on gig economy firms; Fall in tribunal claims
; Factory output down in third quarter
; Two families win in courts over bedroom tax Issue 44 (03/11/2016) - Widespread benefits of union training; Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2016; Economy grows in third quarter
; Give boost to childcare, say employers

; Academies links with trustees' businesses[More ...]

[cover image]October 2016
Issue 43 (27/10/2016) - Investigation into grey area of self-employment
; Government U-turn on safety appointment; Low pay in the UK; Self-employment or precarious work?

; Bullying a worrying problem in NHS
; It may not be marriage guidance but it's helpful; Pay protection a reasonable adjustment Issue 42 (20/10/2016) - Weak average weekly earnings growth; Low pay in government; Jobless numbers on the rise in summer

; Safety and health at work week

; Pricier fuel and clothing pushes inflation 
higher Issue 41 (13/10/2016 - Shift workers more prone to disease; Lucky 13 in boardroom

; Manufacturing output still weak
; Firms sign Dying to Work charter
; Perils of hard Brexit for UK car industry
; UK's record deficit in trade in goods Issue 40 (06/10/2016) - Majority ignored on public sector exit pay; Long wait for gender pay gap to close
; Sick leave benefits across Europe; How to shrink the great divide in UK; Women's mental health needs ignored
; How to claim benefits for industrial injuries[More ...]

[cover image]September 2016
Issue 39 (29/09/2016) - Top hazards mentioned by safety reps; Auto-enrolment pushes up pension figures; Prospect grows; Minimum wage rises; Apprenticeships - getting it right; How much of £86.9m is executive excess? Issue 38 (22/09/2016) - MPs to examine boardroom pay; Dress codes need a redesign for today; Care firms targeted over illegal wages; Workplace inspections on missing list; Shortfall in out-of-school services Issue 37 (15/09/2016) - Earnings growth dip; Unemployment among women falls; Retail inflation down; Campaigners set out how to solve poverty Issue 36 (08/09/2016) - Boardroom delight; Manufacturing output weakens in July; Tory contempt for health and safety; Forced retirement for one in eight; Decline in UK mergers and takeovers Issue 35 (01/09/2016) - Learning lessons from EU referendum debate; Youth unemployment still stubbornly high
; Action plan to help new and expectant mothers

; GMB files claims against Addison Lee; BECTU to merge with Prospect in 2017; Economy grows in second quarter[More ...]

[cover image]August 2016
Issue 34 (25/08/2016) - Shift workers are more susceptible to disease; Motherhood's penalty; MPs call for ban on plastic microbeads; Underemployment of BAME workers; Scottish public sector deficit unchanged; Acas guidance for young workers; Blacklisting hit for Carillion Issue 33 (18/08/2016) - Unemployment down; Earnings growth static; Minimum wage offenders named; Briefing on new housing Act; Cost of living in the UK on the rise Issue 32 (11/08/2016) - No pay restraint in UK boardrooms; 'Hypocrisy' of Post Office bosses; Half of women suffer sexual harassment; Councils need greater powers to build houses; Factory output expands Issue 31 (04/08/2016) - Cut in interest rates; Days lost to strikes at very low level; Voluntary Living Wage needs revision; Rise in value of council outsourcing contracts; Search for gig economy in UK; National scandal of homecare wage cheats[More ...]

[cover image]July 2016
Issue 30 (28/07/2016) - Union political funds bring in more income; Progress needed on transgender equality; Economy grows in second quarter; Green family used BHS as milch cow; Lack of progress on disability rights; Workers should take care in heat of the sun Issue 29 (21/07/2016) - Earnings growth dips; Air fares fuel inflation; UK's 'badge of shame' on disability rights; Unemployment hits 11-year low as numbers fall Issue 28 (14/07/2016) - More top executives on £1m or more a year; How to deal with issue of fatigue; 
Manufacturing boost

; NLW - the first 100 days and a crisis; Below par academies Issue 27 (07/07/2016) - Forty executives living in ££££ land; Rise in deaths at work; Mesothelioma and its deadly toll; Poverty rise in the UK; Three more join Living Wage family[More ...]

[cover image]June 2016
Issue 26 (30/06/2016) - UK economy grows
; Narrow majority for exit in EU referendum

; Women part-timers lose out on pensions
; Lack of support for disabled teachers

; Small narrowing in UK current account deficit
; Remuneration package of 32 averages £2.15m

 Issue 25 (23/06/2016) - Adverse impact of tribunal fees

; 'Reckless' to scrap NHS bursaries; Missing out on pensions and benefits; Call for 14-day self-certification period; Fathers missing out on paternity pay Issue 24 (16/06/2016) - Average earnings fillip on back of living wage; Retail price inflation rises in May; UK unemployment rate at 11-year low; Modern slavery judgment against firm; Employers don't have working carers' policy Issue 23 (09/06/2016 - Dementia in workplace; Thirty execs rake in £70 million; Deaths after Johnson's fire service cuts; Value of inward M&A hits seven-year high; UK factory output 'recovers'; Climbdown on police spying on unions Issue 22 (02/06/2016) - Rise in numbers working from home

; Economic growth confirmed for start of year
; Remuneration for two totals over £55 million

; Euro 2016 advice
; Planes, trains and drones and lasers

; Equal pay progress at Scottish council[More ...]

[cover image]May 2016
Issue 21 (26/05/2016) - Gross pay packages for top executives; Presenteeism - sick and at work; Trade union membership 2015; UK behind Scandinavia on gender equality; UCATT votes for merger with Unite; Missing data Issue 20 (19/05/2016) - Unemployment falls; Anaemic growth in average earnings; Check-off victory; Inflation down again; Old and in poverty Issue 19 (12/05/2016) - Shareholders unhappy over executive pay; Compensation for blacklisted workers; MPs keep it in family; Non-compliance with minimum wage rules; Industry in recession; Lloyds to offer gender reassignment surgery Issue 18 (05/05/2016) - Trade Union Bill receives Royal Assent; Losers in move to Universal Credit; Compensation win for blacklisted workers; Effects of shift work on women and their health; Union wants end to confusion over tips; School assistants struggle to cope; UK growth slows in early 2016[More ...]

[cover image]April 2016
Issue 17 (28/04/2016) - Tata Steel package; Lloyds Bank offshores and axes jobs; Water industry - the pay gulf; Inflation and earnings forecasts for 2016; Apprenticeship matching scheme; Sickness absence change unlawful; Bulging pay packages for City executives Issue 16 (21/04/2016) - Rise in unemployment; Guide to make pensions clearer; Growth in weekly earnings nosedives; BAME workers more likely to be jobless; Trade Union Bill - more concessions Issue 15 (14/04/2016) - Young women and the gender pay gap; Top executives in £1m a year pay club; Directors' greed led to death of worker; Retail price inflation increases to 1.6%; Lead In and Out campaigns chosen Issue 14 (07/04/2016) - Increase in number of high earners in banking; Low take-up of Shared Parental Leave

; Blacklist victims get their day in court; Year-end economic growth uprated; Old and unemployable?; Acas updates guide on sex discrimination; New employers to pay voluntary Living Wage; Above-inflation rise for minimum wage; UK trading deficit worsens in 2015[More ...]

[cover image]March 2016
Issue 13 (31/03/2016) - National Living Wage and April legal changes; Firms sign women in finance charter; Critical reports on academy trust; Fresh privatisation threat to Land Registry; Disabled people failed by government Issue 12 (24/03/2016) - Inflation stuck at 1.3%; Working mothers-to-be face discrimination; Government complicit in gender pay gap; Stiffer sentences over dangerous dogs; Defeats for Tories in Lords over unions; Care home owner faces equal pay claim Issue 11 (17/03/2016) - MPs reject Sunday shopping change; Unemployment cut by 28,000 in January; Budget 2016 - the economic background; Changes to inflation's shopping basket; Swings in earnings growth Issue 10 (10/03/2016) -Trade Union Bill moves closer to becoming law; Factory output falls; Too many not putting enough into pension; Mergers and takeovers; Motherhood penalty on earnings; Pension disadvantage of different workers; Pay in manufacturing - no change on 2% rise Issue 9 (03/03/2016) - UNISON can continue fight against fees; Economy slows at end of last year; Lords say dilute union fund proposals; National Living Wage - productivity and pay; Period policy[More ...]

[cover image]February 2016
Issue 8 (25/02/2016) - Rise in childcare costs; Discriminatory advertising; Commission ruling favours workers; Public school tie still dominates in top jobs; Trade Union Bill misinformation; Threats to workers' rights from Brexit Issue 7 (18/02/2016) - Inflation moves upward; Unemployment on downward curve; Vice-chancellors of universities get 3%; Earnings growth going nowhere fast Issue 6 (11/02/2016) - Minimum wage cheats named and shamed; Restructuring and its effect on well-being; Shopping free for all in England and Wales; Factory output flat at end of 2015; Managers should take lead over well-being; Wake up and smell coffee over dyslexia Issue 5 (04/02/2016) - Pay gap in black and white - TUC findings; Disgraceful delays over workers' deaths; Council job cuts; Families worse off under Universal Credit; UK economy grows, but annual rate slows; Skill shortages lead to unfilled vacancies; Boost for Boots staff[More ...]

[cover image]January 2016
Issue 4 (28/01/2016) - Huge earnings loss over last seven years; Lords inflict defeat over political funds; Union concern over migrant worker deaths; Huge bill for unions over Trade Union Bill; Retailers wait on National Living wage; Executive excess shows no sign of waning Issue 3 (21/01/2016) - Unemployment falls across the UK

; Some protection for zero-hours workers
; Weekly earnings growth still low

; Inflation at 12-month high

; Blacklisters to miss out on Scottish contracts Issue 2 (14/01/2016) - Conservative threat to opposition funding

; More companies join Living Wage crowd; Hedge fund fat cats
; Bosses can snoop on workers' internet use; Whitehall spend on consultants rises
; Asbestos company smeared campaigners
; Factory output remains week at end of 2015 Issue 1 (07/01/2016) - Low wage growth expected in 2016; Wealth divide grows ever wider
; Workplace trends in the coming year
; Fat Cat Tuesday;
 Britain's rail fares the highest in Europe
; Manifesto for disability equality from TUC

; Farm workers keep protection of board; Pay cuts at KPMG[More ...]