Secured pdfs (eBooks) of LRD booklets

LRD is currently trialling the use of secured pdfs as a new format (eBook) for LRD booklets. Secured pdfs can be read on computers, tablets and phones but require software to be installed. LRD booklets are not free publications. When you purchase an LRD booklet as an eBook, you will be licensed to read the booklet as a secure pdf.

To prevent unauthorised copying of our booklets, we prevent printing of eBooks and limit purchasers to four installations/reinstallations of the license to read the eBooks.

You CANNOT read a secured pdf on a computer/device unless the license has been installed on that computer/device.

To find out more about LRD booklets published as secure pdfs (eBooks), contact [email protected].

If you are having difficulties installing, licensing or operating the Locklizard software, please contact [email protected].

Booklets available as secure pdfs


Once you have purchased an eBook, you will receive your license and information on how to download the eBook.

Try before you buy

If you want to try downloading the software and reading a secured pdf, before you purchase a an ebook from the LRD, you can download the software and a sample document from the Locklizard website.