Safety Rep

Introducing the new LRD digital Safety Rep A new and expanded monthly digital health and safety publication, uniquely written to inform and empower safety reps to protect their members.

The new digital Safety Rep will now contain unique information not found in any other LRD publications. By subscribing you will supply your reps with:

▶ Resources including latest research, surveys and check-lists ▶ Relevant legal rulings ▶ Tracking the activities of HSE and other regulators affecting workers ▶ News on union and other relevant health and safety developments ▶ Information on useful publications, events and campaigns., and ▶And more

Safety Rep is a digital publication accessed via the hosting platform, Joomag. You can read your issue on any device once you have set up an account with a unique username and password.

For more information about our digital publication service provider contact: [email protected]