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2017 all issues

[cover image]December 2017
Issue 50 (14/12/2017) - Scrooge employers named and shamed; No joy in average earnings figures

; Inflation dips to 3.9%; Unemployment heads south to 1.43 million Issue 49 (07/12/2017) - More action against blacklisting firms; Workers on board plans watered down
; Reductions in working time - new guide
; Older workers miss out on new technology
; Boost to merger and takeover activity[More ...]

[cover image]November 2017
Issue 48 (30/11/2017) - New minimum wage rates set for April 2018; Economy - no change and outlook gloomy; Commons committee's pension inquiry; Equal parental leave; Misery caused by tax and welfare reforms; Ownership of UK shares; Plans for national retraining scheme Issue 47 (23/11/2017) - Bad news Budget

; Factory output rises
; MPs' draft Bill on gig economy exploitation

; Fight over universities pension scheme

; Tribunal fees refund scheme rolls out
; Pay cap hit for workers Issue 46 (16/11/2017) - Rights in gig economy; Data shows no let-up in rise of retail prices

; Inflation eats away at earnings growth; UK unemployment - numbers and rate down Issue 45 (09/11/2017) - Real Living Wage rises

; Work-related stress and ways to tackle it
; Pregnant women and unfair redundancy

; Short-sighted approach to training
; Bogus self-employment in road transport; Vital statistics on health and safety Issue 44 (02/11/2017) - Tribunal fees rear their ugly head again
; Safety reps @ 40

; Annual survey of hours and earnings 2017

; Mental health - thriving at work

[More ...]

[cover image]October 2017
Issue 43 (26/10/2017) - Stuck with low pay - no great escape

; Refund scheme for tribunal fees; Public - private sector pay question

; UK economy grows, but who benefits?
; Living Wage employers now number 3,500

; The great wealth divide in Britain Issue 42 (19/10/2017) - Strip blacklister of Big Ben contract; Retail price inflation remains at 3.9%; Weak earnings growth hits living standards; UK unemployment falls but claimants rise Issue 41 (12/10/2017) Guidance on mental health in workplace

; Five blackspots for pension provision
; Young workers lose out by up to £6,300 a year

; High fives for unions and their good work
; Race equality audit highlights divide

; Factory output rosier; Zero-hours congrats Issue 40 (05/10/2017) Membership of pension schemes grows; Suspension of wage enforcement extended; Lenient sentence for vicious dog attack; Call for investment in mental health training; UK's current account deficit grows[More ...]

[cover image]September 2017
Issue 39 (28/09/2017) - Addison Lee and Uber on the skids; Rise in firefighters hit by mental health issues; Luxury homes bring lucrative pay packets; Drivers behind wages gaps in Europe; Single parents struggle to make ends meet; RPI inflation link in sweet deal at Cadbury Issue 38 (21/09/2017) - Get better compliance on minimum wage

; Stress and burnout in emergency services
; Regulator prosecutes over auto-enrolment
; More pessimism on 2017 living standards; Give younger workers a wage rise
; Recognition and pay rise at DHL warehouse

; Health issues a concern for older workers Issue 37 (14/09/2017) - Employers must tell staff of email checks; Retail price inflation rises ever higher; Earnings - living standards take big hit; Unemployment falls to 1.46 million Issue 36 (07/09/2017) - Blacklisting has not gone away, MPs told

; Working parents with premature babies
; Value of UK takeovers abroad increases

; Workplace support lacking on migraines
; Third of Fit Notes relate to mental health; Parents penalised over family-friendly requests[More ...]

[cover image]August 2017
Issue 35 (31/08/2017) - Rich bankroll Tories to tune of £25 million; Four programmes for career-break returners; Conservatives bottle it on governance 
; Dying to work milestone

; PFI - profiting from infirmaries - big time Issue 34 (24/08/2017) - Executive pay measures to be watered down

; Named and shamed but where is social care?; Commission sets out pay gap strategy
; Links between health, jobs and unemployment; Growth in UK economy slows 'markedly'; McDonald's workers vote to go on strike Issue 33 (17/08/2017) - Fines up, prosecutions down, say HSE
; July RPI inflation rate bad news for rail users; Unemployment rate at a new 42-year low; Workers get no joy from earnings data Issue 32 (10/08/2017) - UNISON success over failure to consult
; Survey finds pay cuts at top for once

; Single parents hit by benefit cap; Divide in different ethnic groups' incomes
; Firms fined over asbestos in school; Courier a worker not independent contractor
; Enforcing the National Minimum Wage Issue 31 (03/08/2017) - Million women lose out over state pension

; Academies overspend
; Victory on overtime and holiday pay

; Twenty-five share over £49 million

; Time for rethink on skills in UK[More ...]

[cover image]July 2017
Issue 30 (27/07/2017) - UNISON success over tribunal fees

; Holiday childcare costs; Rogue employers beware unless ...; Chief executives get 2% rise on basic pay; 'Notable slowdown' in the economy; Unions splash the cash from political funds Issue 29 (20/07/2017) - Thirty-five executives pocket a packet; Drop in inflation rates; Deaths at work down by 10 in 2016-17; New Trade Union Act for Wales; Right to parental leave on death of a child; Mesothelioma death toll averages 2,500 a year Issue 28 (13/07/2017) - Taylor review 'no game-changer', says TUC; Landmark ruling on gay person's pension; Unemployment slips below 1.5 million; Weekly earnings fall in real terms Issue 27 (06/07/2017) - Top executives scoop £70.73 million; Postal staff suffer dog attacks every day; Economy grows but trade deficit widens; Another challenge to bogus self-employment; Proposals on sentences for manslaughter


Few aware of right to unpaid parental leave[More ...]

[cover image]June 2017
Issue 26 (29/06/2017) - Gig is up
; Little or no progress on social mobility

; Retirement income gender gap widens

; New guidelines for apprenticeships; Voluntary sector takes up real Living Wage; Concerns over Brexit minister and asbestos Issue 25 (22/06/2017) - Older workers a boost to the economy; Factory output shrinks in first quarter

; New dads miss out on paternity leave and pay; Landmark ruling on voluntary overtime

; Safe and comfortable working in a heatwave
; Scandal of unpaid holiday pay; Merger and takeover market much quieter issue 24 (15/06/2017) - Earnings growth takes a big hit; Unemployment down by 50,000

; Apprenticeships are on the rise

; Inflation rates hit five-year highs Issue 23 (07/06/2017) - Gig economy staff want work, any work; Sorrell to top executive pay list again? Ethnic minorities stuck in insecure work; Possible strike action at Bank of England; On-call care workers win rise for sleep-ins; UK will see real decline in earnings Issue 22 (01/06/2017) - Trade union membership 2016; Growth in number and usage of food banks; UK economic growth revised down; Equal pay victory at Glasgow council; Increase in days lost to strikes in 2016[More ...]

[cover image]May 2017
Issue 21 (25/05/2017) - Twenty-five executive share £77.22 million; Rich bankroll Tory election campaign; Challenges of an ageing workforce; Few with mental health problems have job; Zero action over right to request fixed hours? issue 20 (18/05/2017) - UK unemployment falls by 53,000

78; Wages lose ground with inflation

; Fight for recognition at privatised IT firms

; Retail price inflation at five-year high Issue 19 (11/05/2017) - Twenty-five executives share £66.6 million; MPs slam gig economy; Number of health and safety inspectors down; Training providers hit by funding cuts; Guarantee workers' rights post-Brexit; Firms getting around exclusivity clauses Issue 18 (04/05/2017) - Forty executives share £89.4 million

; Launch of Institute of Apprenticeships

; North-South divide in economy to widen
; Tory benefit cuts to hit poorest families; Fire services sign up to Dying to Work
; DX faces legal action over pay and holidays[More ...]

[cover image]April 2017
Issue 18 (27/04/2017) - £100m pay bill for 40 top executives; It's who you know if you want an internship; TUC's gender-sensitive health and safety guide; Workers from EU are valued in unions

; Gender pay gap website launches Issue 17 (20/04/2017) - Shareholder revolt over executive pay; Single parents hit by benefit sanctions; Factory output stalls; Let's talk about racism; UK at bottom of class for skills; Pay premium on zero-hours contracts? Issue 16 (13/04/17) - Inflation hits rise in weekly earnings; Puny fines over asbestos failure; Fall in unemployment; Inflation above 3.0%; Government consults on pension exit charges Issue 15 (06/04/17) - MPs call for action on corporate governance

; Levy to support apprenticeships; BMW workers strike over pensions; Thousands hit by Tories' Benefit Cap
; Disability - 20 years of 'missed opportunities'; MEPs vote for worker protection in Brexit[More ...]

[cover image]March 2017
Issue 13 (30/03/2017) - Executive pay bandwagon rolls on; Cycle courier entitled to holiday pay; Employment law changes this April; New minimum wage rates kick in; UK lags on maternity; Merger heralds new teaching union; Consultation on caste discrimination Issue 12 (23/03/2017) - Inflation leaps to 3.2; More regulation of gig economy needed; Appalling risk of suicides in construction

; Fat cats - the great pay divide; Racist abuse after Brexit vote; Lack of diversity at top in Wales Issue 11 (16/03/2017) - Swings and scooters of inflation basket; No real improvement in weekly earnings; Cosmetic improvement with Living Wage; Zero-hours contracts at record high; Unemployment falls below 1.6 million Issue 10 (09/03/2017) - Economic forecasts in Hammond's Budget
; Mixed fortunes in ethnic women's pay gap data

; Company merger and acquisitions in 2016; Numbers on zero-hours contracts at a high
; GMB take on DX delivery firm; Former chancellor's nice big earner; Charter to stop violence at work
 Issue 9 (02/02/2017) - Trade Union Act regs come into force
; Gender pension gap leaves women short

; Violence at work - the nasty truth
; Bookseller's £7m salary

; Money purchase pension are norm; British Gas denied appeal in Lock case; Government fails in ethnicity review[More ...]

[cover image]February 2017
Issue 8 (23/02/2016) - Government green paper on pensions

; A 'Stern diet' for fat cat directors' pay

; Employers - don't miss out on talent; Argos repays £2.4 million to 37,000 staff; Economic growth revised upwards; Work fears of disabled people revealed Issue 7 (16/02/2017) - Minimum wage cheats named and shamed; Inflation hits three-year high; Unemployment at 11-year low; Inflation erodes growth in weekly earnings Issue 6 (09/02/2017) - Review of tribunal fees finally published; Plan to tackle abusive hiring practices; Insecure work on rise; Twenty eight directors share £68.37 million issue 5 (02/02/2017) - Racism at work; Economy grows but there's a shortfall; Advice on gender pay gap from Acas

; Tories offer no solution on discrimination

; Eight assaults a day in Welsh schools[More ...]

[cover image]January 2017
Issue 4 (26/021/2017) - Death by a thousand fire service cuts; Guidance on stress

; Modern-day slave traders jailed

; Fees let bad bosses get off scot free
; Top-ranked inclusive employers 2017; Get tough on pay, says pension funds Issue 3 (19/01/2017) - Wales to ditch parts of 2016 Trade Union Act; Inflation rates at highest since 2014; Retail inflation eating into earnings growth; UK unemployment at nine-year low Issue 2 (12/01/2017) - Courier's tribunal win against CitySprint; TUC warns over Brexit threat to workers' rights; Lame excuses for not paying minimum wage; High street store fined over safety; Manufacturing output edges higher; Child poverty briefing Issue 1 (05/01/2017) - 'Precarious pay penalty' of zero-hours staff; Plans for a Universal Basic Income
; 2017 - economic forecasts for year

; 'Fat Cat Wednesday' has been and gone; Northern Ireland to reveal political gifts

; UK's deficit in trade in goods gets ever worse
; UK economic growth revised upwards[More ...]