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2019 all issues

[cover image]December 2019
Issue 50 (12/12/2019) - UK economy flat
; Council services - the legacy of Tory cuts
; Unite takes on sham self-employment firm; Sikh wins tribunal over 'no beards' policy
; Gender pay gap starts from young age Issue 49 (05/12/2019) - Shareholders-come-first model hits wages
; Wealth inequality in UK
; Disability pay gap stuck around 12-13%
; Great train robbery over fares; Rich getting richer; Increase in outward M&A activity
; UK manufacturing 'zombified'[More ...]

[cover image]November 2019
Issue 48 (28/11/2019) - Labour’s plans for working rights
; TUC slams Tory plans for public services
; Solid strike by staff at 60 English universities
; Increase in real Living Wage for 2019-20
; Is the NHS safe in Boris Johnson's hands? Issue 47 (21/11/2019) - Working family poverty increases under Tories
; Labour to help workers 'take back control'; CWU appeals over Royal Mail strike ban
; Transport matters in Unite's manifesto; Public against NHS outsourcing of staff
; Top firms fail to reveal parental leave policies
 Issue 46 (14/11/2019) - Unemployment down — but still above 1.3m
; Official figures show earnings a tad higher
; Political donations not declared by pub chain; Inflation down to 2.1%; Earnings less in real terms than in 2010 Issue 45 (07/11/2019) - Over 50s power growth in night working
; Tory misspeaks on food banks - and the reality; Presenteeism when mentally unwell; Tories' misleading ads about universal credit; UK economic growth lags behinds rivals
; Register to vote in general election
[More ...]

[cover image]October 2019
Issue 43 (24/10/2019) - Peppa Pig CEO with snout in the trough
; Limited impact of Get ready for Brexit ads
; Guide puts menopause on workplace agenda; Ambulance staff suffer mental health problems
; Austerity has been brake on growth Issue 42 (17/10/2019) - Rise in unemployment; Earnings growth dips to 3.6% in August; Retail price inflation at three-year low
; Responsible business and workers's pay Issue 41 (10/10/2019) - Defeat for women in pension age battle
; Johnson’s tax cuts for rich - a bit rich
; Javid's jam tomorrow on living wage; Many workers denied their rights by bosses
; Harassment of ethnic minorities at work
; >What union reps need - take the survey
 Issue 40 (03/10/2019) - Cost to the UK of EU membership; Universal Credit - not fit for purpose
; Balance of payments deficit contracts
; "True impact of a no-deal Brexit"; Short-term volatility in the UK economy; Workers skip meals to make ends meet; Register and get a vote in general election
[More ...]

[cover image]September 2019
Issue 39 (26/09/2019) - Governments to blame for Grenfell fire
; One in five bisexuals assaulted at work
; Rich men bankrolling Brexit Party
; We are still worse off than in 2008
; Regional threat to jobs from Brexit
; Get registered to vote in general election
 Issue 38 (19/09/2019) - RPI inflation rate down but beware of Brexit
; Usdaw says sign up to 'Save our shops'; Poorest councils hit most by funding cut
; Who is missing out on employment rights?; Manufacturing falls in flat economy; Get registered to vote in general election

 Issue 37 (12/09/2019) - Unemployment dips below 1.3m mark
; Big Brother is coming
; Earnings up, but down in real terms on 2007
; Unions hit back at 'shadowy cabal' Issue 36 (05/09/2019) - Election bribes in Tory Spending Round
; TUC call for a stronger voice for workers
; Huge rise in violent crimes on railways
; Big ticket mergers boost M&A activity
; Rolls-Royce recognition[More ...]

[cover image]August 2019
Issue 35 (28/08/2019) - More boardroom excess; Public sector pensions: further legal claims?
; Message is ignore mobile while driving
; Non-compliance over auto-enrolment; Recognition for Unite at motorway group
 Issue 34 (22/08/2019) - Chief execs earn 117 times average worker
; NI women penalised for being pregnant
; The productivity puzzle and its cost
; Tories should get a grip on pensions industry Issue 33 (15/08/2019) - Real pay cut for lower and middle earners
; Unemployment back above 1.3 million
; RPI inflation pegged down a notch
; Average earnings growth slips back Issue 32 (08/08/2019) - Lower-income families hit most since 2008

; Register to log workers affected by silica dust; Asbestos group wins access to court files; Scrap earnings trigger to close pension gap; Landmark victory over holiday pay; Asda threaten staff over new contract Issue 31 (01/08/2019) - Study finds 4.5m plus in deep poverty in UK

; Number of workplace deaths increases; New protections for pregnant women?
; Approach to equality law needs to change; Eye-watering bills for holiday childcare[More ...]

[cover image]July 2019
Issue 30 (25/07/2019) - Single labour market enforcement body; Victimisation of union reps at Ruskin College?; New rights for workers in the gig economy???; Over 50s power growth in employment?; Unite launches inquiry into blacklist collusion??; New organising app from PCS? Issue 29 (18/07/2019) - Retail price inflation cut to 2.9%

; Unemployment falls by a further 51,000

; How industrial change can deliver better jobs
; Welcome boost to average earnings Issue 28 (11/07/2019) - Economy grows slowly; Courts again deny BT a change to indexation

; Wide pay gaps across various ethnic groups; Just transition to a greener economy; Firms fail to publish parental leave policies Issue 27 (04/07/2019) - Pay bill for 34 executives comes to £84m; Working in hot weather; Stockpiling distorts UK economic growth data; Gig economy doubles in size in three years; Privatisation of care contract abandoned; Firefighters win in pension dispute[More ...]

[cover image]June 2019
Issue 26 (27/06/2019) - An inspiring message for union noticeboard; Old school tie and Oxbridge elites; Working long hours brings risk of stroke; Older workers project gets £2 million funding

; London council signs domestic abuse charter Issue 25 (20/06/2019) - Nineteen top executives share £49.47 million; Retail inflation rate steady at 3.0% in May

; Singled out over trade union activity?; Blight of low-paid and insecure work; Quarter of fathers miss out on paternity leave Issue 24 (13/06/2019) - Unemployment falls to 1.3 million

; MPs slam current use of gagging clauses

; Taskforce to develop period poverty policy
; Increase of 3.3% in average earningsIncrease of 3.3% in average earnings Issue 23 (06/06/2019) - Pay bill for 27 directors comes to £73.5 million; Industrial strategy to 'Save Our Shops'; NHS Trust drops plan to outsource jobs
; Union membership numbers up again; Low pay Britain 2019[More ...]

[cover image]May 2019
Issue 22 (30/05/19) - Forty executives share £113m in remuneration; Employers must publish disability pay gap; Industrial stoppages at a low level in 2018; Parliament restoration - ban blacklist firms; Avoid sun damage and prevent cancer Issue 21 (23/05/19) - Named and shamed over gender pay; Homeworking on rise and more want it; RPI inflation fuelled by energy and petrol rises; LGBT people suffer harassment at work; Blacklisted trade union members win compo Issue 20 (16/05/19) - TUC checklist on mental health; Unemployment rate for women hits record low; Majority feel stressed or anxious about work; Average earnings growth dips sharply Issue 19 (09/05/19) - Forty executives share £82.5m in remuneration; Shareholders fail to flex their muscle over pay; Epilepsy - an uncomfortable truth; Care workers strike over pay; Employers urged to sign disability pledge Issue 18 (02/05/19) - Average package of £1.92 million for 40 directors; AI and automation will have mixed impact; Sorry state of the nation: privilege gap is wide; Increase in those paid below minimum wage[More ...]

[cover image]April 2019
Issue 17 (25/04/2019) - Top executives top £109 million in remuneration; UK working week longest in EU

; Academics gagged by non-disclosure deals; Teachers face violence on weekly basis

; Tiny elite owns half of England
; Unite points to lack of manufacturing strategy Issue 16 (18/04/2019) - Gender pay gap reporting 'flawed'; Unemployment cut by 27,000 in February

; Sharp fall in average earnings growth

; Retail inflation rate edges down to 2.4% Issue 15 (11/04/2019) - Thirty-seven executives share £125 million; Revamp shared parental leave, says TUC; Public sector gender pay gap widens
; Changes under Good Work Plan; Negative effect of workplace seating
 Issue 14 (04/04/2019) - Thirty-eight share £198m

; Automation and risk to jobs in England

; Cabin air goes to court; Third-party harassment
; Link bosses' pay to workers' pay say MPs[More ...]

[cover image]March 2019
Issue 13 (28/03/2019) - Thirty-seven directors rake in £101 million

; NHS cervical cancer screening back in-house; Ethnicity pay data just not there; Urgent action needed on NHS staff shortages; Let's talk menopause

 Issue 12 (21/03/2019) - Inflation unchanged at 2.5% in February

; Unemployment posts fall at start of 2019; Freight transfer to union buster?
; New Year sees tidy rise in average earnings

 Issue 11 (14/03/2019) - Female empowerment; Alexa, add yourself to the shopping basket

; Factory output shrinks but GDP higher

; Big deal boosts foreign takeover value in UK; Holiday pay campaign to raise awareness Issue 10 (07/03/2019) - The long wait for Women's Pay Day; Discrimination success for civil service unions; Disabled passport aims to get people support; Police colluded in blacklisting

[More ...]

[cover image]February 2019
Issue 9 (28/02/2019) - New tribunal awards limits set from April; Long hours put women at risk of depression; Public sector workers on low pay

; Fair work plan for Scotland revealed

; Use of secretive courts a corporate disgrace Issue 8 (21/02/2019) - Three-quarters of lone parents in poverty; Unemployed numbers start falling again; Fire service funding cut
; Average weekly earnings growth on back foot Issue 7 (14/02/2019) - Inflation cut to lowest level since 2016

; Two-tier workforce for Essex hospital?; Putting mental health first aid into practice; UK economy at its weakest since 2012; Guide to tackling gender pay gap Issue 6 (07/02/2019) - Part-time working parents penalised; Another win but equal pay saga drags on; How to combat age discrimination at work

; Government delay hits pensions of low-paid

; Living Wage boost for uni staff in south west[More ...]

[cover image]January 2019
Issue 5 (31/01/2019) - Call for common sense during bad weather

; New protections for pregnant women; Manufacturing - a warning from Unite

; More employers sign Dying to Work charter; Care workers not being paid for travel time; ♥Unions week targets zero-hours contracts
; A lesson in throwing good money after bad? Issue 4 (24/01/2019) - Think tank dispels myths on state aid; Growth in average earnings falls back

; A further rise in unemployment; Gender pension gap is wide across UK
; NEU members back union's cuts campaign Issue 3 (17/01/2019) - Data show inflation rates at two-year low

; Top dollar pay at NHS Property Services; Unions want probation service renationalised
; Weak manufacturing impacts on production; Timely campaign to boost flexible working Issue 2 (10/01/2019) - NHS plan - you forgot about the staff; Setting of boardroom pay needs reform; Prescription safety eyewear not goggles; Tory austerity drags households into hock Issue 1 (03/01/2019) - Firefighting cuts are putting public at risk; RPI inflation down

; Code of practice on sexual harassment

; Good work plan is Tory response to Taylor [More ...]