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2020 all issues

[cover image]December 2020
Issue 50 (17/12/2020) - Redundancies at record high, unemployment creeping up; Inflation drops, but fares to rise; Outsourced cleaners win return to NHS; Survey charts Covid's impact on BAME communities; Employer organisations praise union learning; Report reveals role of "super managers" in creating inequality; Union launches workers' guide to Covid Issue 49 (10/12/2020) - UK jobs confidence the lowest in Europe; Covid driving wages down worldwide; Top pay still driven by shareholder results; Taxi industry on verge of collapse, union warns; 'Don’t repeat Test and Trace’s mistakes in vaccination programme'; BA cargo workers vote overwhelmingly for action; Testing and full pay for Covid-hit factory; Union's bus ads seek to shame BT; 'Wagon Wheels shortage' looms as DHL Liverpool strike gets go ahead Issue 48 (03/12/2020) - Public workers £1,000 worse off before freeze; Debenhams and Arcadia woes show need for immediate action; First of four strikes held at Heathrow; Taskforce launched over tech fears; Who's policing mask use on buses, union asks; Xmas food factories could be 'super spreaders'; UK's net worth falls; ITUC: 'break up Amazon' [More ...]

[cover image]November 2020
Issue 47 (26/11/2020) - Spending review: pay frozen, unemployment up, 'economic emergency beginning'; Shock research identifies firefighters' cancer risk; Report warns of stark future for rail; New bus drivers' safety measure arrives ahead of schedule; New figures back case for union learning fund; New guide on confronting racism; Unions speak out on violence against women elimination day; Young generation faces 'scar of unemployment' Issue 46 (19/11/2020) - Unions defend RPI inflation measure; Union scores victory as right to picket upheld; Health and safety breakthrough won by union; LRD releases 2020 pay survey; Shop staff report abuse worsening during pandemic; Job loss plan paused; Heathrow to 'grind to halt'; TUC: adult education plan will fail without union fund; Three-quarters of NHS midwives think staffing levels unsafe; Trade talks 'must uphold workers’ rights' Issue 45 (12/11/2020) - Redundancies at record levels, unemployment up, employment down; Real Living Wage goes up this week; Union: mask use welcome at work alongside other prevention methods; NHS union group calls for pre-Xmas pay rise; Government must plan realistically for Covid winter wave; Charity calls for paid bereavement leave; Issue 44 (05/11/2020) - UK 'couldn't tackle twin emergencies'; Disabled workers earning a fifth less; TUC and FSB plead for payment retention; Coalition launches care funding campaign; One in three worried by workplace Covid risk; Fifth of Covid whistleblowers 'dismissed'; Weekly wages stable but young are hit hard[More ...]

[cover image]October 2020
Issue 43 (29/10/2020) - TUC: factor children into new Job Support Scheme; Applause for Welsh rail public ownership move; Union launches legal challenge over college return; Teachers' unions back free school meal extension; 'Time for change' for night-workers; Spending review offers chance to recognise nurses, says union; Leaked report shows driverless trains too costly Issue 42 (22/10/2020) - Support snowballs for campaign to save union learning; Inflation bounces back from record low; Survey finds BAME workers lacking PPE; Union warns against cashpoint removal; Cap on excess salaries would save jobs and spread wealth; Free online advice offered to those facing redundancy; Union slams Trump for double dealing at Scottish resort; BT accused of 'shameless' move of jobs abroad; Issue 41 (15/10/2020) - UK on precipice: employment drops, unemployment and redundancies hit new highs; Unions call on government to use its influence over Amazon; New lockdowns will need economic support; Union sounds alarm over shared vans plan; Union Learning Fund 'under threat'; Frontline staff facing 'campus chaos' Issue 40 (08/10/2020) - Aid for unemployed scheme gets union thumbs down; Planned redundancies reach half million; Union accuses govt over NHS surcharge; 10 year anniversary 'time to fully implement Equality Act'; Minimum wage now covers seafarers; Coalition asks for inquiry into shop violence; Journeys to work down, job adverts up Issue 39 (01/10/2020) - Government bows to pressure for furlough replacement; Concern as Uber wins London licence; Extend visas to avoid crisis, union says; EasyJet redundancies 'breakthrough'[More ...]

[cover image]September 2020
Issue 37 (17/09/2020) - UK on brink of jobs crisis; Inflation drops to five-year low; Workers' victory sets major precedent; 'Amazing victory' as Arcadia U-turns on redundancies; Health unions protest over PHE axing Issue 36 (10/09/2020) - TUC: new model needed for social care; Over 300,000 redundancies planned; Extend furlough or lose competitive edge manufacturers say; TUC calls for wage pledge to be honoured; Up to £3.6bn in furlough payments fraudulent or erroneous; Civil service unions query 80% return plan; Aviation plan is 'jam tomorrow', union warns; Lords consider mass unemployment risks Issue 35 (03/09/2020) - TUC calls halt to pressure to return; Union: 'scrap campus reopenings'; Unions confront aviation crisis; Government continues furlough rundown; Manufacturing recovering, but cutting staff; Retail jobs plummet; Advisory groups 'exclude workers' voices'; Welcome for Welsh carers top up promise; Unions call for inquiry into grading debacle[More ...]

[cover image]August 2020
Issue 33 (20/08/2020) - Teachers' unions slam exam results 'chaos'; Inflation rises to 1%; Coronavirus continues to hit economy and mood; One in three expects no return before 2021; Confederations condemn Belarus violence; Apprenticeship news; Unions launch Stonehaven family fund; Report makes case for flexible season tickets; M&S job cull shows need for high street action; TUC to hold 152nd annual congress Issue 32 (13/08/2020) - Jobs drop shows UK 'on cliff edge'; One in three firms expect to cut jobs; Top pay plateaus; TUC calls for law on workplace temperatures Issue 31 (06/08/2020) - Support grows for furlough extension; TUC: no forced return for shielders; Furloughed workers to get full redundancy pay; Mask use up, along with confidence in eating out; Union offers school uniform aid; Sacking shows need for cash payments; Unions oppose BT and BA redundancies[More ...]

[cover image]July 2020
Issue 30 (30/07/2020) - 'Unrest' threat over early return; Study identifies bus drivers' Covid risks; Homeworking 'to double'; Pilots to vote on no fire and rehire deal; Confidence rise may aid hospitality and retail; Clarity call on arts rescue package; Hiring confidence grows; 'Discriminatory' SEISS challenged; Union calls for more school cleaners issue 29 (23/07/2020) - Covid hits employment, economy and pay; Unions challenge PM’s 'normal by Xmas' plans; What about other staff, unions ask?; Emergency funding 'needed to save essential services'; Jumbo withdrawal offers opportunities Issue 28 (16/07/2020) - Locked-down UK's GDP falls by a fifth; Two-fifths of deaths in deprived areas are avoidable; TUC asks for recruitment promise; Inflation inches up to 0.6%; Union welcomes face covering rule; Unions condemn new immigration plan; Tougher sentences likely for attacks on emergency workers; Confusion over rail future opens door to renationalisation; BALPA declares no confidence vote; First arrest over furlough fraud Issue 27 (09/07/2020) - TUC offers cautious welcome to jobs plans; Britain is 'on the brink', unions warn; 'Turn clap for carers into cash for carers'; Impetus grows for national care service; Hospitality pushing recruitment rise; Figures hint at pandemic productivity loss; Public revulsion at BA's 'fire and rehire' plan Issue 26 (02/07/2020) - Unions question pace of lockdown easing; 'Rethink' would provide £2,000 top-up for low paid; Co-op joins union to call for action on violence; More leave home and travel to work; 'National care service needed'; RMT: give free travel to tube cleaners; Record fall in hours reveals Covid impact[More ...]

[cover image]June 2020
Issue 25 (25/06/2020) - Study exposes workplace 'ethnic penalty'; Unions join to sound distancing warning; 12.5 million report financial hit from Covid; CWU plaudits for maternity move; Usdaw welcomes demise of Sunday trading plan; Union reports membership surge Issue 24 (18/06/2020) - Numbers on payroll plummet, claimants double, pay falls; Inflation hits new low; 'Massive welcome' for probation U-turn; Plea to extend health fee exemption; Quarter of pregnant women 'faced discrimination'; Issue 23 (11/06/2020) - EHRC announces race and coronavirus inquiry; Plea for aid to crisis-hit childcare sector; New guide to employment law; Rejection for Sunday trading scheme; Unite demands action on aviation; Union federations call for EU deal; Figures reveal household income growth – and disparities; Return to work grows Issue 22 (04/06/2020) - 50 years after Equal Pay Act, inequality remains; Ex-industrial areas facing double jobs blow; Test and trace 'needs sick pay increase'; RMT threatens strike; Union membership hits 6.44 million[More ...]

[cover image]May 2020
Issue 21 (28/05/2020) - Union membership up for third year running; Latest figures paint stable pre-Covid employment picture; AWEs were outstripping inflation up to lockdown; 'No putting profit before safety' as workplaces reopen; Action needed to protect BAME workers; Call for snap HSE inspections Issue 20 (21/05/2020) - Benefit claims soar, unemployment creeps up, jobs and pay fall; Inflation drops to four year low; NHS workers' coalition sets plan for return; Third of all employed are key workers; Union support for mental health week; TSSA wants action after concourse incident death; Deaths disparity inquiry call; CIPD: one fifth plan redundancies issue 19 (14/05/2020) - Unions call halt to premature return to work; Relief as furlough scheme extended; Teachers say 'no'; Transport unions warn of walkouts; Reps reveal mental health concerns, but hope for future; PPE provision is employers’ duty in law; Neal Moister Issue 18 (07/05/2020) - Unions: lockdown easing mustn't be rushed; Happiness drops, anxiety soars in Covid-hit GB; Call for bus worker temperature checks; TUC proposes new plan for jobs; Visa extensions welcomed; Anger over BA redundancies threat[More ...]

[cover image]April 2020
issue 17 (30/04/2020) - TUC: no return without Covid risk assessment; Minute's silence marks IWMD; 78% of closed businesses have furloughed; Unions take government to court; BMA calls for masks for non-NHS workers; PPE crisis continues; More help goes online; Call for clarity on pregnant workers; Disabled workers request Covid support Issue 16 (23/04/20) - UK braces for Covid-19's effect on jobs, claims and economy; December to February pay continued upwards; One step forward, one back as PPE "scandal" continues; Unions call for minute's memorial silence; Union action paying off for London bus staff; International unions speak out on Covid-19; Furlough extended Issue 15 (16/04/2010) - Workforces demand protection from Covid-19; Only 40% of businesses confident of carrying on; No end in sight to medical PPE crisis
; TUC calls for universal credit boost; FCA: pension freedoms have increased risks Issue 14 (09/04/2020) - Half UK companies likely to furlough workers, a quarter expect redundancies; PHE upgrades coronavirus protection advice; Government promises fail to mask PPE shortage; Minimum wage rises lead employment law changes; International Workers' Memorial Day 2020 Issue 13 (02/04/2020) - Thirty executives share £185 million bonanza; Coronavirus concerns raised with committee; Holiday carry-over rules over COVID-19; UK economy flat; Care workers are not getting protective kit[More ...]

[cover image]March 2020
Issue 12 (26/03/2020 - TUC guidance on coronavirus; Call for supermarket safety measures
; Everyone - join mass applause campaign; GMB presses case of care workers; Retail price inflation dips to 2.5%; Tribunal arrangements during pandemic; Pause for gender pay gap enforcement Issue 11 (19/03/2020) - Year starts with a rise in unemployment; Positive start to year for average earnings
; Changes to official shopping baskets
; Advice on homeworking from TUC; Five steps to protect jobs
 Issue 10 (12/03/2020) - UK economy flat
; Budget 2020; Lukewarm union response to Budget
; Demands on drivers during COVID-19 crisis
; Millions missing out on workplace pensions
 Issue 6 (05/03/2020) - Acas workplace advice on coronavirus
; Statutory sick pay for self-isolating staff; Women's Pay Day 2020
; Donations to not-so-green Conservatives; Fewer inward and outward UK mergers
; Women in work make small step forward
[More ...]

[cover image]February 2020
Issue 8 (27/02/20) - Benefits denied, lives lost, reports shredded; Tory austerity hits life expectancy'; How to fight sexual harassment at work; UK childcare costs rise as shortages persist
; Employers - act now on ethnicity pay gap Issue 7 (20/02/20) - Further jobless fall cuts total to 1.29 million
; Tories pose a threat to UK food standards; Pricier fuel pushes inflation up to 2.7%
; Weak end to year for average earnings data Issue 6 (13/02/20) - In-work poverty has risen, says Rowntree
; UK economy flat
; LGBT apprenticeship guide from Unionlearn; Government dragging feet on harassment
; Working parents fail to take up parental leave; New Acas guidance on non-disclosure clauses Issue 5 (06/02/2020) - FBU: regulatory regime 'unfit for purpose'; High workloads impact on probation service; Manchester firms to ban zero-hours contracts; Mental health and high cost of 'presenteeism'; NHS support staff to move back in-house [More ...]

[cover image]January 2020
Issue 4 (30/01/2020) - Thousands die before being repaid benefits
; Shareholders benefit as workers suffer
; Evening emails bad for work-life balance
; AA staff face 'nightmare' of pension closure
; Checklist for achieving better mental health Issue 3 (23/01/2020) - Unemployment falls at slower rate; Workplace harassment and bullying ignored
; Universal credit - the losers and gainers; Average earnings growth recovers
 Issue 2 (16/01/2020) - Retail price inflation: no movement at year end
; New EHRC guidance on harassment; Economy in doldrums; Males still dominate positions of power
; Ban pay secrecy - TUC
 Issue 1 (09/01/2020) - Unemployed numbers cut by 13,000; Big dip in average earnings growth; Retail inflation rebounds
; Main minimum wage rates to rise by over 6%
; High Pay Day 2020 has already gone
[More ...]