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[cover image]September 2021
Issue 37 (16/09/2021) - Job vacancies pass million to set new record ; Lowest paid 'bore brunt of pandemic'; Union calls for new deal for foster carers; GDP still below pre-Covid levels; Boxing Day 'thank you'; for workers; Record jump in inflation Issue 36 (09/09/2021) - 'Use wealth tax' to pay for social care reform; Redundancies fall but fears remain about end of furlough; Staff to return in-house; Union backs workers after anti-vaxxer assault; Schools extremism study finds lack of support and training; Pilots call for furlough extension Issue 35 (02/09/2021) - TUC wants 12 bank holidays; UC cut 'to hit one in three families in 413 constituencies'; NEET numbers fall; TUC Congress coming soon; Analysis shows collective bargaining bonus; Supermarkets 'must take responsibility for labour shortages'; Unions urge support staff pay rethink; World Day for Decent Work[More ...]

[cover image]August 2021
Issue 34 (26/08/2021) - Top bosses earned 86x more than average worker; £1.5 billion paid out in Living Wages; One in three unsure they'll work long enough to fund retirement; Four farm deaths in a fortnight lead to safety call; Paternity leave take-up at 10 year low; Almost half want hybrid work; Strike ballot threatened after Legionella discovered; UK airports 'Europe's worst affected' Issue 33 (19/08/2021) - Vacancies at record high as pay rises; Educators urge action on ventilation; TUC calls for 'daughter of furlough'; Unions challenge Network Rail over redundancy plan; Inflation drops after recent rises Issue 32 (11/08/2021) - Organisations condemn anti-vaxxer attacks on health staff; Energy price hike to hit poorest hardest; Firefighters warn on climate devastation; UK 'missing boat' on renewables jobs; Education unions congratulate students; Appeal for youth jobs launches; Trust embraces TUC's Dying to Work Charter Issue 31 (05/08/2021) - TUC calls for umbrella company ban; Union: don’t forget all the other NHS workers; UK debt exceeds EU average but GDP forecast to grow; NHS trust announces menopause policy; Good governance guidance released; 'Don’t end furlough – adapt it' [More ...]

[cover image]July 2021
Issue 30 (29/07/2021) - UK 'will be paying for Covid for decades'; Self-isolation exemption plan 'gambles with lives'; NHS unions condemn 3% rise; Labour promises day one workers' rights; Foundation urges government: #KeepTheLifeline Issue 29 (22/07/2021) - Medical unions urge public to keep wearing masks; Employment 'continues to recover'; Unions leaders slate government on LGBT+ rights; Union wins post office closure freeze; Unions watching out for Covid compliance Issue 28 (15/07/2021) - Deaths at work up despite furlough and lockdown; Insecure work 'out of control'; Unions continue fight to keep facemask rules; Inflation approaches three year high; Workers reject four day week with lower pay Issue 27 (08/07/2021) - Unions blast government over Covid rules relaxation; Union rights worsened worldwide during pandemic; Local government 'has power' to tackle inequality; Public finances facing risky future; Inquiry examines Covid's impact Issue 26 (01/07/2021) - Committee backs new law on shop assaults; TUC, CBI and EHRC make joint appeal for ethnicity pay reporting; Just 13% of construction workforce are women; Unions petition new health secretary on pay; 'Rethink furlough' calls; NHS unions and employers in flexibility win[More ...]

[cover image]June 2021
Issue 25 (24/06/21) - TUC calls for disability status for long Covid; Survey shows public supports union rights at Amazon; Borrowing reduces after hitting record levels; Unions back travel day of action; Think tank: inflation spike could squeeze incomes; Home working is 'new class divide'; Asbestos campaign unveils website Issue 24 (17/06/21) - Job market 'recovering' from Covid; Inflation jumps; Covid precautions must continue, unions say; Care staff denied full pay when sick; Survey finds staff forced to work; Teachers' union announces long Covid initiative Issue 23 (10/06/21) - Questions raised over promise of 'powerful' workers' watchdog; Judgment wins protection from mistreatment; TUC: third of disabled workers treated unfairly; Low-paid and young face unemployment risk as furlough ends Issue 22 (03/06/2021) - Union membership up for fourth year; OECD predicts UK recovery; Inequality rises despite taxes and benefits; Union agrees deal with Uber; Organisations report rising demand for mental health support; Legislation 'needed to stop tips deductions'; Workers 'charged out at double their rate of pay'[More ...]

[cover image]May 2021
Issue 21 (27/05/2021) - Covid work deaths 'massively under-reported'; Economic shock continues, wellbeing survey finds; 'Workers win’ as airport dedicates terminal to red list arrivals'; Care staff more likely to refuse jab if threatened; Teachers targeted by increasing online abuse, union says; Bus strikes called off; Rich list 'reveals pandemic profiteers' Issue 20 (20/09/2021) - Job vacancies hit pandemic high, as unemployment dips; UK inflation rate more than doubles; Supreme Court hears 'critical' union representation case; Unions disappointed by 1.5% offer; RMT: 'it's a Great British rail rip off'; Victory declared in fire and rehire strike; Court safety concessions won issue 19 (13/05/2021) - TUC attacks government over broken promise; Economy rebounds after first quarter dip; Workplace pension participation levels off; MPs and peers back unions in fire and rehire protest letter; Employers 'don't expect' full-time office future; Survey finds lack of consultation over return to work; Unions slam CEO's bonus while company receives furlough grants Issue 18 (06/05/2021) - Elections report shows inequality can be fought at local level; Two-thirds believe resources should be found for NHS pay rise; May Day messages anticipate challenges; Low-income staff on share schemes '£11,000 better off'; UK government debt hits 104.5% of GDP; Ikea's Living Wage decision welcomed; Covid crisis changes 'should prompt' welfare state rethink[More ...]

[cover image]April 2021
Issue 17 (29/04/2021) - Day of action kicks off anti-fire and rehire campaign; 'U-shaped' employment losses show need for more support; Survey shows high numbers working when unwell; Three quarters of social care workers report pandemic mental health damage; Local elections 'offer chance to influence pay'; Security company signs up to disability passport; Union demands halt to use of app; Switch to FFP3 now, says union Issue 16 (22/04/2021) - Covid mortality 'twice as high' for insecure workers; Mixed signals on unemployment as under-25s take further jobs hit; Union and charity bury differences to seek sleep-in shift fairness; Survey examines homeworking rise; Union leaders join to reject racism report; Inflation edges up to 0.7%; Unions back school arts festival Issue 15 (15/04/2021) - Unions speak up for public-facing workers as lockdowns ease; Economy and exports show some recovery; Government considers post-return office measures; Majority of nurses 'have had first jab'; Union warns on hi-tech monitoring; Ethnic minorities 'twice as likely' to face discrimination in local services; Campaign group calls for cross-party financial services clean up Issue 14 (08/04/2021) - Unions criticise 'miserly' sick pay rise; Action on Amazon launches with ad campaign; Government bows to advice on masks in schools; New figures reveal pensions gaps; School cleaners win case two days into strike; Unions welcome V&A's restructuring rethink; EU making 'very slow progress' on decent work issue 13 (01/04/2021) - Asda women workers win 'massive victory'; Some recovery in economy from overall lows; One in three earning less than £10 an hour; AI advances 'demand new legislation'; Youth jobs crisis could continue post-pandemic; Child poverty rose alongside living standards pre-pandemic; Fire death 'due to cuts'[More ...]

[cover image]March 2021
Issue 12 (25/03/2021) - Unemployment drops slightly, but young workers are suffering; Supreme Court sleep-in decision disappoints; Inflation good news provides pay opportunities, says TUC; Half of workers 'had pay cut last year'; Experts urge adoption of health and safety as fundamental right; Survey finds 89% of shop staff faced abuse; Council shows appreciation with job agreement; Union announces Easter passport strike; Issue 11 (18/03/2021) - Victory as Uber admits UK drivers are workers; One in eight forced out of work before pension age, says TUC; Union joint statement deplores male violence; Spain takes lead on gig economy workers' rights; New bus strategy disappoints; Post-pandemic recovery shaky, inequalities remain; Unions win Thomas Cook pay out Issue 10 (11/03/2021) - NHS workers prepare to overturn 1% pay offer; TUC: 1% 'is a pay cut'; Women could face £100,000 pension gap; Unions meet to safeguard steel jobs; Third of women hide menopause symptoms at work; Coalition pushes for aviation support; Two in five businesses furloughing staff; Workers take Yodel to tribunal Issue 9 (04/03/2021) - Unions help win vital extensions; Budget offers little change on training; Pay more and pay faster, unions say; Three-quarters back sick pay rise; Employer 'bullies staff into lending it money'; Vaccine access made easier for health workers; 750 councillors urge year-round free school meals; UK absence rates drop; Unemployment claims rocket near airports; Manager is paid £940,000 a day'[More ...]

[cover image]February 2021
issue 8 (25/02/2021) - Unemployment rises, with young hardest-hit; CIPD: firms planning to hire but CJRS must stay; Uber drivers win Supreme Court victory; Unions challenge viability of 'roadmap' measures Issue 7 (18/02/2021) - GDP fell to record low in 2020; Exit cap ditched in face of union pressure; Inflation rises slightly; Unions join business federation to call for better deal for self-employed; 10% pay claim for local government workers; Government confirms plan to raise minimum pension age to 57; New pensions act 'will offer added protections'; New group to focus on workplace rights; Issue 6 (11/02/2021) - Unions and operators unite in praise of new offshore accord; Covid policies 'skewed towards men'; Industry calls for online sales tax to save shops; Push to make health and safety a fundamental ILO right; Government pension liabilities rise by 21%; Poor PPE to 'blame' for ambulance workers' 1 in 3 Covid rate Issue 5 (04/02/2021) - TUC calls for workers' budget; One in eight furloughed; Pandemic has robbed workers of $3.7 trillion, ILO says; Make flexible working 'day one right', urges chartered institute; Deliveroo case reaches Court of Appeal; UK takes biggest GDP hit of G7 countries; Safer hours negotiated for PO staff; Health staff at mental health 'brink'[More ...]

[cover image]January 2021
Issue 4 (28/01/2021) - Unemployment four-year high shows need for furlough extension; Record 795,000 job losses planned last year; TUC: one in 10 threatened with fire and re-hire; Figures identify jobs with highest Covid death rates Issue 3 (21/01/2021) - Plea to retain furlough through 2021; Unions slam reported rights rollback; Millions in danger due to economic insecurity; Employers pull out of Covid duties deal; Strike threat over campus teaching; Union sounds alarm over latest centralisation news; New strike at British Gas; Inflation rises from previous low Issue 2 (14/01/2021) - UNISON elects first woman leader; Union support for vaccination; Unions slate 'dangerous confusion' over school attendance; Health coalition wants staff thanked with pay rise, not just clapping; BMA demands vaccination within two weeks; Morrisons to be first to pay £10 an hour; Union urges councils to take back control Issue 1 (07/01/2021) - Schools U-turn follows union pressure; TUC 'replace outdated Covid safety rules'; Top CEOs 'earned average salary in three days'; Treasury announces relief package; Call to furlough parents during school closures; Minimum wage non-payers shamed; Call to improve shop safety; 2020 worst year for retail job losses [More ...]