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2022 all issues

[cover image][4 pages] June 2022
Issue 22: ‘No end in sight’ to flight chaos; Crimes against shopworkers tripled during pandemic; Real Living Wage rise brought nearer; Education groups in plea for free school meals ; Only 9% of firms offer menstrual support; TUC raises red flag over post-Brexit rights cull prospect; Support package ‘doesn’t go far enough’ Issue 23: Biggest rail strike since 1980s set for this month; Bonuses rising six times faster than wages; Unions call for ‘inflation busting’ local govt rise; Four day work five day pay trial begins; OECD predicts UK stagnation next year; Civil service cull would be worst since 2010-16 cuts; Businesses transferring ownership to employees reaches five year high Issue 24: Real pay dropping at fastest rate for a decade; Unions reject Shapps strike-breaker threat; Social worker stress will cost lives, report warnsTUC analysis shows rising cost of childcare ahead of cost of living demo; Survey finds ‘shocking’ abuse of LGBTI teachers Issue 25: Inflation rising at fastest for 40 years as wages ‘spiral’ debate rages Rail strike heralds summer of action; Big company profits feeding inflation, think tanks say; New app protects outdoor workers; Net Zero transition will mean change to 1.3 million jobs. Issue 26: TUC: ‘hypocritical’ government misled public over rail strike; Law to protect frontline workers now in force; Food price inflation rockets; Three-quarters of firms offering hybrid working, survey finds; Seven in 10 offer equal parental leave; ITUC: workers’ rights ‘crumble’; Staff shortages stifling growth [More ...]

[cover image][16 pages] May 2022
Issue 18 (05/05/2022): Report warns against rail cuts amid balloting for ‘biggest ever’ strike ;Cost of living protest set for June; Food prices hit nine year high, with worse to come; Off sick rate rises; Union reports high morale after national post office strike; Report: fair financing maximises returns; Workers’ Memorial Day. Issue 19 (12/05/2022): Anger as government breaks employment bill promise again; NIESR: quarter million face destitution, 1.5 million won’t be able pay bills; ILO: global inflation doubles; Union welcome for McColl’s rescue. Issue 20 (19/05/2022): Inflation soars to 40 year high; Over half say health damaged by cost of living; Inflation leaves wages behind again; Union continues fight against civil service cuts plan; TUC warns on asbestos danger; Union backs inquiry. Issue 21 (26/05/2022): National rail strike moves closer as unions reject minimum services plan; Union membership dips after four years’ growth; Unions press government for emergency budget; UK ‘close to eliminating low pay’.[More ...]

[cover image]April 2022
Issue 14 (07/04/2022): P&O protests continue; Schools unions point to ‘worsening’ Covid disruption; TUC raises alarm over bill delay; Cost of living crisis is hitting hard; Health and wellbeing ‘dropping down agenda’; Union to take case to Supreme Court. Issue 15 (14/04/2022): Wages fall further behind inflation with both employment and unemployment also down; TUC general secretary to step down; Inflation rockets to 7.0%; Luton airport Easter strikes off as Unite secures sick pay victory; Minimal growth in February; Unions suspend equal pay strike in Glasgow after commitment from council. Issue 16 (21/04/2022): IMF predicts social unrest in poorer countries and slowing growth for UK; Research examines top pay under Covid; TUC calls for government to take over P&O Ferries; Workplace pension participation reaches 22.6 million; Union urges rail company to remedy uniform mistake; Legal action over lack of Sharia pension option; Unions blast ‘quiet drink’ slur. Issue 17(28/04/2022): Drifting ship proves union warnings were correct; Nine in 10 already experiencing rising costs; NHS workers with long Covid ‘returning to work too early’; Disability pay gap widens; Most deprived 10% living 9.7 years less; Economy losing 1 million workers through inaction and Covid, new body finds. [More ...]

[cover image]March 2022
Issue 13 (31/03/2022) - Unions' fightback forces government action on P&O; Avoidable deaths increased to new highs; Investors bring first of its kind living wage resolution; Unions query Covid testing promises; Majority 'want ethical pension funds'; Huge thumbs down for education white paper; Spring statement disappoints unions Issue 12 (24/03/2022) - Spring statement disappoints unions; Unions united in protests against P&O mass sackings; Inflation hits 30 year high; Pay squeeze 'has cheated workers of £76 a week'; Research reveals vast disparity in supermarket pay; Pilots and firefighters in joint training Issue 11 (17/03/2022) - Wages still falling behind but jobs growing; Energy bills 'to rise 14 times faster than wages'; Third of workers receive under a week’s notice of shifts, research finds; Living with Covid plan 'ignores H&S regs Issue 10 (10/03/22) - Unions call for help in face of invasion-linked inflation; Pay rise demo put on hold; 'It’s time to close gender pay and pensions gaps'; Employers 'support extending bereavement leave'; International union support fund for Ukraine; UK ratifies harassment and violence convention Issue 9 (03/03/22) - ITUC, ETUC and TUC condemn invasion of Ukraine; Seven out of 10 want action on CEO pay, poll finds; TUC: hi-tech surveillance of workers almost out of control; TUC analysis of unpaid work; '400,000 could be pulled into poverty in April; Union predicts chaos over outsourcing; Council workers plan targeted action; Reduction in working week negotiated at nature body[More ...]

[cover image]February 2022
Issue 8 (24/02/2022) - Unions castigate government over end of countermeasures and free testing; ILO/WHO guide to occupational health and safety for health workers; Match Girl's Strike remembered; UK records first pandemic budget surplus; New Royal Mail pension scheme almost here; Government 'falling behind on green jobs'; Migration regime won’t deliver high wages, report says; National care service 'could create 1 million jobs' Issue 7 (17/02/2022) - Vacancies set new record as pay drops in real terms; UK inflation at 30-year high; Employers review pay and options to boost recruitment; Hospital pickets hit with injunction; Workers back green economy but have doubts; Defence spending 'puts price above UK jobs'; Cleaners allege safety violations at hospital Issue 6 (10/02/2022) - Half of firms have workers who’ve had long Covid; Union calls on prince to halt fire and rehire at his dad's charity; TUC: 1.3 million more on Universal Credit than pre-pandemic; Call for pay restraint 'a sick joke'; Union member wins age discrimination case; SSP reform 'needed to tackle Covid'; ILO virtual forum on Covid crisis Issue 5 (03/02/2022) - Unions welcome U-turn on compulsory vaccination; Food prices to rise alongside energy increases; Database offers global labour information; Closures would give green light to anti-social behaviour; RMT warns against privatising CalMac; Co-op workers in first win of comparability claim; Transatlantic merger a step closer; Youth employment up but some of it is insecure[More ...]

[cover image]January 2022
Issue 4 (27/012022) - Lower borrowing windfall 'could be used to tackle energy costs'; Only game-changing pay rise will halt NHS exodus, unions say; Two speed recovery as UK growth slows; Unions want climate change better reflected in curriculum; Less than a third of top jobs are held by women; University strikes approach; Most vulnerable face 56% faster energy bill rises; Pilots petition PM for recovery plan Issue 3 (20/01/2022) - Earnings fall as pay rises lag behind cost of living; Inflation soars to near 30 year high; TUC: quarter million self-isolating without pay; UK GDP passed pre-Covid levels before Omicron; Highway Code changes this month; ILO: no global jobs recovery this year; Victory for 'designed-out' bus driver Issue 2 (13/01/2022) - Top bosses pass average wage after four day's work; Major change predicted for jobs market; Wealth inequalities highlighted in latest figures; Jack Dromey RIP; Call for action follows closure news; Unions question redeployment advice; Workers’ pension funds now own just 6% of shares Issue 1 (06/01/2022) - Britain needs pay rise to avert storm, says TUC; ITUC calls for 2022 to be year of peace; Schools measures 'not enough'; Little change on inequality seen last year; 2022 'could see national rail strike'; Report predicts this will be the year of the squeeze; BMA: staff absences making NHS unsustainable[More ...]