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2023 all issues

[cover image][4 pages] August 2023
Issue 31: Teachers in England accept 6.5% pay rise. Food and shop price inflation slow TUC: let workers watch. World Cup Almost half think public sector pay is not enough. Taxpayers ‘forced to bankroll’ rail dispute Households missing essential bill payments ‘back to winter levels’.Unions want ‘broken’ civil service reformed. Economic turbulence a factor in worsening situation for children. Issue 32: UK ‘faces five years of lost growth’. Consultants announce new strike dates. Monitoring tech must only be used with consent, committee says BA workers get big increase Industrial action continues on railways.Six million in insecure work Issue 33: Inflation rate slows but prices to remain high for foreseeable future. Wages show record growth. Cost of staple foods ‘edges down.’ Funding of public services ‘not fit for purpose’. HSE to act on union’s safety warning ISSUE 34: Top bosses’ pay rises by half a million pounds each. Median pay falls below 6% 13 million households not heating their homes when cold. Government is failing disabled people, watchdog tells UN. Regulator sets out guidelines to bar sexual harassment. Government borrowing rises but stays below forecast. Union plans London march against ticket office closures. ISSUE 35 Unions reject strikes bill consultation. TUC: childcare crisis demands strategic Action. Network Rail holds back bonus from strikers. Half of all public sector workers could be employed by NHS by 2036. Food price inflation slows. Universal Credit shortfalls ‘putting millions at risk’. Employment by household inches up. [More ...]

[cover image][4 pages] July 2023
ISSUE 30 As ticket office closures consultation is extended, union alleges intimidation; Anti-strikes bill passes, but only after unions defeat government on agency cover; Britain ‘is burning out’ its workers; Unions identify flaw in new seafarers’ charter; Modern slavers ‘exploiting care industry staff shortages’; ISSUE 29 Cost of living crisis continues to bite; Pay Review Bodies guessing game over; Pension campaign vindicated; Out-of-date mileage allowances costing workers dear; Unions back ‘manifesto for the selfemployed’ ISSUE 28 Record pay rises fail to match inflation; More teachers vote for autumn strike action; New bill targets workplace bullying; UK workers ‘will miss out’ on £3,600; Research ‘exposes pension time bomb’ ISSUE 27 FBU leader calls on all unions to join mass resistance campaign; Report shows 10 years of workers’ rights under attack; On its 75th birthday, NHS is at risk of ‘existential’ crisis; TUC: time to build LGBT+ inclusion at work; Economic reform ‘essential’ to replace stagnation with prosperity; [More ...]

[cover image][4 pages] June 2023
Issue 26 Nurses’ strike over after vote falls short of Threshold; Union warns of imminent ticket office cull; Unions predict probation ‘catastrophe’; Report vindicates union warnings on unsafe schools; UK needs better tax system, think tank says; Recommended diet costs poorest half their income. Issue 25 Inflation’s failure to fall adds to misery for Millions; C of E clergy make first ever pay claim; UN labour body intervenes in strikes bill debate; Over 200 companies found not paying minimum wage; UK in under-investment ‘doom loop’; Unions slam denial of austerity’s role in Covid unpreparedness. Issue 24 NHS ‘could be gone within 10 years’; Record pay growth fails to match inflation; Union withdraws recognition claim following ‘dirty tricks’; Pleas for action on excess heat; Three-quarters of employers think parties should use mediation. Issue 23 Civil service unions mull improved offer; School unions planning joint action; Austerity ‘left us unready for pandemic’; Nearly 10,000 attacks on ambulance workers; Warning follows wildfire visible from space; Economic inactivity due to ill health; almost doubles among young; Warning of summer of strikes. issue 22 Marginal dip in food price inflation; Embattled Amazon offers family-friendly contracts; TUC: Women twice as likely to miss out on work pension; Ending poverty in Scotland ‘an economic imperative’; ‘Overwhelming’ yes vote to 10% rise; Shoplifting up by a quarter, with violent consequences; Joint call on PM to publish NHS workforce plan; Universal credit ‘£890 a month short’. [More ...]

[cover image][4 pages] May 2023
Issue 21 Inflation slows but food prices continue to Soar; Union membership dipped last year; Teachers’ unions react to pay leak; Government votes down strikes bill Amendments; Work-related suicides ‘should be investigated by HSE’; Coalition to stage ‘save our schools’ lobby. Issue 20 TUC calls emergency protest against strikes bill; Record numbers out of work because of ill Health; Consumer group calls on PM to intervene over soaring food prices; Uni support staff vote to strike; Two out of three young women report harassment at work; Public ownership ‘would end profiteering’. Issue 19 One in five could lose right to strike; Amazon faces strike ‘chaos’; One in five food workers relying on food banks; Prison officers ‘furious’ over medal snub; Worker shortages leading to increased staff hours; Tanker drivers win 24% rise; Union bids goodbye to sex workers’ section; 700,000 households failed to make housing payment. issue 18 Unions challenge law change in High Court; NHS Staff Council votes to accept pay offer; School unions to coordinate strike action; Organisations join to warn of return to 1970s casualty rates; Record high food price inflation ‘may have. peaked’ [More ...]

[cover image][4 pages] April 2023
Issue 17: Amazon workers on brink of recognition victory Government attempt to ban strike to be heard in court today Sickness absence highest since 2004 International politicians oppose anti-strikes bill One in 20 report running out of food Bank economist’s remarks attract backlash Adventure centre strike averted Issue 16: Inflation stays in double figures as food prices soar Real value of pay slips while workforce grows but unemployment creeps up Agreement reached in mail negotiations ‘No protection from AI’, TUC warns One in six young people suffering because of housing Issue 15: Doctors’ union calls in ACAS as strike bites Two-thirds with long Covid ‘treated unfairly’ IMF: UK to be one of world’s worst-performing economies Top CEOs’ salaries increased by 12% in 2022 Issue 14: Unions reject school pay offer Eight out of 10 employers still paying men more than women Criticism of anti-strike bill’s legality grows UK escaped year-end recession Government to cut social care workforce funding by half Young teachers ‘skipping meals’ Union reacts after lifeboat goes overboard [More ...]

[cover image][4 pages] March 2023
Issue 13: Union promises 130,000 strong walkout on 28 April Half of theatre staff considering leaving over audience behaviour Outrage over P&O Ferries owner’s freeport role Supermarket inflation at new record high Family incomes ‘knocked for six Bereaved families of health workers must apply right away for compensation Issue 12: Unexpected inflation rise will cause more food price misery Network rail strike is over Education unions call for inspection pause Stagnation has cost UK workers £11,000 a year Energy support drives UK borrowing to record highs Patients ‘skipping medicine because of cost’ Issue 11: ‘Budget of betrayal ignores elephant in room’ Slowing pay growth prolongs cost of living misery Equalities watchdog is latest body to question anti-strike bill ILO: key workers deserve better Union says security pact must lead to British jobs HSE launches campaign to tackle most dangerous sector Issue10: Firefighters call off strikes, ambulance workers pause theirs UK drops five places in women’s employment index Anti-strike bill likely to break human rights law New analysis of UK strikes Issue 9: Unions gather forces for 15 March Health unions slam solo talks Quarter of shoppers struggling as food prices hit new high Cuts of £1,000 per household ‘planned by 2027/28’ Raise pay and end strikes, says senior Tory TUC: employers claimed £26 billion in unpaid labour last year Arrest of union leaders ‘will hinder relief effort’ [More ...]

[cover image][16 pages] February 2023
Issue 08 Unions condemn proposed 3.5% rise; Organisations stay with four-day week after trial ends; Surprise surplus ‘could open door to pay rises’; University strikes on hold after talks progress; One in two LGBTI teachers face abuse, survey finds Issue 07 Strike days at highest since Thatcher was PM; Inflation slows but stays in double digits; New pay rise guide; Median expected pay rise reaches 5%; Week-long strike for Amazon; London bus dispute ends with wages win; TSSA inquiry update. Issue 06 Union responds after legal challenge postpones strike; 100,000 civil servants to strike on budget day; Study finds benefits of public investment outweigh costs; Employer offering £1,000 a shift to break strikes, union alleges; Conservative policies ‘doomed £400 billion potential growth’; UK ‘likely’ to avoid recession – but it’ll feel like one; Half private sector pay rises ‘are 5% or more’; More cleaners win right to free travel. Issue 05 Nationwide actions drive home fair pay and right to strike messages; UK to be only major economy to shrink in 2023, says IMF; Amazon strikers ‘marked down as no-shows’; UK slides down global corruption index; Civil rights organisations round on anti-strike bill; Food prices reach new high, adding £788 to bills. [More ...]

[cover image][16 pages] January 2023
Issue 04: New fire and rehire code dismissed as empty gimmick; Patients ‘support NHS strikers’; Amazon workers hold first UK strike; Government borrowing hits 30 year high; Many hospitals remain riddled with asbestos; ONS: income inequality has increased; Government rejects menopause reform Issue 03: Pay rises at fastest rate for 20 years but still loses out to inflation; Inflation dips, but cost of food climbs; Criticism of anti-strikes bill goes worldwide First dates set as teachers join strike wave. Issue 02: Union movement vows to fight anti-strike bill; Unions determined to keep pressure on following talks with government; NHS unions spurn pay review body; Top bosses earned year’s median salary in first 30 hours; TSSA seeks partnership. Issue 01: Unions demand action to avert NHS collapse; Train strikes continue as unions accuse government of blocking resolution; One in three ‘£20 away from financial incapacity; Government ‘ignoring sick and injured’ in pension age rise plans; Billionaire wealth has exploded, report reveals. [More ...]