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2010 all issues

[cover image]December 2010
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Abolishing quangos - The government's reform of quangos has implications for jobs and the expertise many quangos provide; Job cuts begin in earnest - The coalition's spending review presented a farreaching programme of public sector cuts; Health and safety review - Does the Young report on health and safety simply rehash tired health and safety myths?; Books for Christmas - The staff at the Bookmarks socialist bookshop suggest books you may like to give as festive gifts[More ...]

[cover image]November 2010
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Pensions review - The Hutton pensions review says that public sector workers should shell out more for a smaller pension; Women, kids and the cuts - Cuts announced in the Budget and the spending review will be especially hard on women and children; Immigration cap - What will the government's cap on immigration mean for migrant workers, their unions and employers?; Older workers' safety - The health and safety implications of an ageing workforce have not received sufficient attention[More ...]

[cover image]October 2010
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Con-Dem dialogue - The TUC is adopting a business-like approach to contact with the coalition while attacking their cuts; Doors close on justice - Widespread closures of courts will hit access to local justice and cost hundred of jobs say unions; Whitehall under attack - Goverment attacks on civil servants' pay and conditions and jobs have galvanised unions into action; Safety on offshore rigs - Eleven deaths on a BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico raise more questions about offshore health and safety [More ...]

[cover image]September 2010
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Labour leader election - Labour's five leadership candidates give their responses to our questions on issues that matter to trade unionists; New wave of academies - An expansion of the academy concept into "outstanding schools" is meeting with opposition from union; Unions across Europe - Unions are mobilising across Europe in opposition to national government's austerity measures; Educating reps - Record numbers of workplace reps are taking up TUC Education courses[More ...]

[cover image]August 2010
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Union busting - When migrant workers become organised some employers use immigration law to undermine the union; Welfare cuts - The Con-Dem government's emergency budget is likely to make the poorest in society even poorer; Skills and re-training - Unions are playing their part in providing packages of support to members who risk losing their jobs; Equal pay play - The 40th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act sees a new play about the struggle for equal pay[More ...]

[cover image]July 2010
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National bargaining - The coalition says that it wants to reform the "rigid" strctures of some forms of national bargaining; Strike injunctions - Unelected judges are increasingly deciding whether or not workers can take strike action; BME progression - BME workers feel shut out of the professions and still struggle to make it into management ranks; Migrant workers' safety - The health and safety of many migrant workers is often at risk, due to the conditions they work in.[More ...]

[cover image]June 2010
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More strikes in prospect? - UK stoppages could be set to rise now that the election is over and the reality of public sector cuts is upon us; Public sector in Europe - Some EU governments have already begun swinging the axe on the public sector, but there is growing resistance; Health risks of shift work - Recent research adds to existing findings on the ill-health effects of shift and night working; Internships on the rise - Employers have increasingly taken advantage of the downturn to use interns as free labour[More ...]

[cover image]May 2010
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The Tories and the unions - Will there be a return to Thatcher-style union-bashing if the Tories manage to form a government after the general election?; New Conservatives? - Despite Cameron's new-look Tory Party, Conservative election candidates seem to be cast from a familiar mould; Safety deregulation - The Tories would like to weaken health and safety laws. But Labour's record here has also been criticised; Robin Hood tax - There is growing support for a tax on the financial transactions of the banks[More ...]

[cover image]April 2010
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Race for change? - The government's new and more "complex" approach to race is being closely examined by unions; Taking on the far right - Anti-fascist campaigners are throwing themselves into the fight against the BNP and the sinister "defence leagues"; Young people - Young people have fared particularly badly in the recession. So what will the main parties do for them?; Gender pay inequality - The financial services sector has one of the highest pay gaps between men and women[More ...]

[cover image]March 2010
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What now for equal pay in councils? - Labour Research examines where things stand on equal pay in local government; Parties set out stall on policies for women - As the election looms the main parties are burnishing their female-friendly credentials; Axe falls on public services in Europe - Across Europe governments are weilding the axe on state spending as a way of responding to economic crisis; Higher education cuts - The higher education sector is reeling from the announcement of multi-million pound cuts[More ...]

[cover image]February 2010
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Union Modernisation Fund - how has the Union Modernisation Fund enabled unions to meet the challenges of the new century?; Exploitation of seafarers - the huge discrimination of foreign seafarers on UK-flagged ships continues to concern maritime unions; Financial times - will the recent review of financial institutions lead to curbs on seven-figure renumeration packages?; Friends of the family? - the main parties seem to be falling over themselves in their attempts at presenting themselves as family-friendly[More ...]

[cover image]January 2010
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Looking ahead to the key issues in 2010; School support staff need better pay; What's next for pensions?; Averting energy shortages[More ...]