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2016 all issues

[cover image]December 2016
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Post-Brexit racism - the aftermath of the EU referendum has seen some unpleasant incidents against BME and migrant workers; Executive pay - the fat cats are still skimming the cream, as the annual Labour Research executive pay survey reveals; Modern slavery - the government's Modern Slavery Act doesn't do enough to support victims, critics say; Books for Christmas - staff at the Bookmarks socialist bookshop suggest books you may like to give as festive gifts[More ...]

[cover image]November 2016
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Schooling for division? - far from improving social mobility as prime minister Theresa May claims, an expansion of grammar schools would see a return to a system of educational segregation; Legal rights - and wrongs - since June’s referendum vote to leave the EU, workplace and union rights have been of greater than ever concern to UK unions; Post Office countered? - government plans to franchise out more Crown post offices will simply further add to the crisis engulfing the Post Office, say unions[More ...]

[cover image]October 2016
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Metro mayors - Mayoral elections in the new city-regions are an opportunity for unions to work with mayoral candidates and across civil society; Universities challenged - Critics say the government’s Higher Education Bill poses a serious threat to a university sector already under strain; All work and no pay - Nick Clark of the Unpaid Britain project reports on the all-too frequent phenomenon of non-payment of wages; Is health and safety safe? - What does Brexit mean for UK health and safety regulation?[More ...]

[cover image]September 2016
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Unions on Brexit - The EU referendum result means unions have to face up to possible threats to working rights. The unions, therefore, want a place at the Brexit negotiating table; Labour Party leadershipLabour Research asked the two challengers for the Labour Party leadership - Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith - seven questions on a wide range of issues; Education - September heralds the start of the new school year. There is also increasing pressure on school staff in England as they face up to academisation and funding shortfalls.[More ...]

[cover image]August 2016
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Retail sector - Developments in the retail sector, such as online shopping, present unions with a number of challenges around organising. How are they facing them?; Driving casualisation? - The Uber driver hire service is part of a growing so-called “sharing economy” that is undermining traditional employment relationships and promoting casualisation; Corporate crime - Corporate crime is everywhere. Yet the chances of any guilty company directors or senior managers facing a jail sentence are virtually nil[More ...]

[cover image]July 2016
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Blacklisting fight goes on - Despite a recent major victory, blacklisted workers and their unions insist that the fight against blacklisting firms must continue; Act of discrimination - The 2016 Immigration Act will fuel discrimination against minorities, say unions and campaigners; Union membership - Union membership remains stable, but the worryingly low level of collective bargaining coverage is a concern; Dying to work - A TUC campaign is focussing on the rights of workers with a terminal illness[More ...]

[cover image]June 2016
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Bremain or Brexit? - A new Labour Research survey finds out what stances unions are taking in relation to the referendum on whether to remain in, or leave, Europe - and why EU and workers’ rights - Unions fear a potentially damaging impact on UK workers’ rights in the event of a Brexit. So what difference has EU legislation made to UK employment law? Asylum from homophobia - Campaigns supporting the rights of LGBT asylum seekers in the UK, as well as global LGBT rights, continue to be backed by UK unions[More ...]

[cover image]May 2016
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Disability on the agendaLabour Research asks unions about the concerns of their disabled members and examines what the unions are doing to increase disabled workers’ participation in union life; Not-so-universal suffrage - Millions will not have a say in this month’s elections as a result of changes to electoral registration; Refugees’ plight - The flight to Europe by refugees has seen thousands losing their lives. Is the latest deal struck between the EU and Turkey likely to put an end to this tragedy?[More ...]

[cover image]April 2016
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Warfare on welfare - The Tories’ “welfare revolution” seeks to build on the previous coalition administration’s welfare cuts; Precarious work - TUC race equality officer Wilf Sullivan looks at the impact of labour market casualisation on BME workers; Pensions uncertainty - The norms of retirement income are being swept away. Labour Research looks at what this means; House of cards - Social housing as we know it is in danger of disappearing completely if the government has its way[More ...]

[cover image]March 2016
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Women in unions - How well are women represented in UK unions? A Labour Research survey examines the latest position; Mind the pay gap - The government has finally published plans requiring gender pay gap reporting for large employers; Labour exploitation - Tory proposals to tackle labour market exploitation have met with scepticism from unions; Polish workers - As part of a strategy to reach out to the most vulnerable, unions continue their efforts to organise Polish workers[More ...]

[cover image]February 2016
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Unions and trans workers - A new Labour Research survey finds that unions are tackling the issues faced by trans workers; Trade agreement - Yet another international trade agreement presents a grave threat to public services; Migrants and benefitsLabour Research examines government claims that migrants come to Britain to claim benefits; Fracking - The government wants to develop the shale gas industry. What do unions have to say?[More ...]

[cover image]January 2016
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The year ahead - The experts at Labour Research look at what’s in store for unions and their members in 2016 Strike ballots - The Trade Union Bill proves the government isn’t listening to long-held union ideas over positive voting methods for strike ballots Border lines - Employment relations north of the Border are somewhat different to those in the rest of the UK Health and wellbeing - How are unions and employers promoting wellbeing in the workplace?[More ...]