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2022 all issues

[cover image][28 pages] June 2022
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Does energy security strategy fit the bill? The Tories claim to have set out ‘bold plans’ in their Energy Security Strategy. Trade unions, however, are unconvinced. Government ploughs on with Channel 4 sell-off Plans to privatise Channel 4 are unpopular. So what’s behind the government’s determination to do this? Marking the fifth anniversary of Grenfell Days after the Grenfell Tower fire five years ago, the Conservatives promised to ‘do whatever it takes’ to help victims and the bereaved. Has this happened? [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] May 2022
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Democracy under threat from Elections Bill – The government’s Elections Bill is deeply regressive and anti-democratic, unions and others are warning; Unions marshal support for Ukraine – UK and European unions have been pulling out the stops to ensure aid and support for the people of Ukraine; UK experiences serious ‘enforcement gap’ – Enforcement agencies continue to experience underfunding, leading to a ‘crisis of enforcement’ and the potential for ever greater worker exploitation [More ...]

[cover image]April 2022
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Addressing the impacts of climate change - Union organisations say there is an urgent need to consider the impacts of climate change on workers and their jobs; Is the government really on the level? - While confronting geographical disparities is important, ‘levelling up’ also needs a firm focus on work, low pay and in-work poverty; BBC licence fee attack will hit programming - Government plans to scrap the BBC licence fee will impact on the quality and breadth of journalism and programming, unions warn[More ...]

[cover image]March 2022
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How well are women represented in UK unions? - our biennial Women in Unions survey examines union efforts to improve women’s participation and representation in unions; Acting to support workers through the menopause - the menopause has been moving up the workplace agenda. Yet more can be done to support those undergoing menopause; Health and safety lessons from the pandemic - the Covid pandemic exposed a crisis in occupational health and safety. What are the key health and safety lessons we’ve learned?[More ...]

[cover image]February 2022
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Workers' health and safety in the green economy - we tend to associate the word ‘green’ with safety, but is this necessarily the case for those working in the green economy? When artificial intelligence is in the saddle - recent years have seen the rapid development of artificial intelligence to undertake management functions; Government signals yet more cuts to rail - the reduction in passenger numbers during the Covid crisis has struck another heavy blow to a rail industry facing more huge cuts[More ...]

[cover image]January 2022
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Unions pour cold water on water firms’ record - England’s private water firms have given out almost half as much to shareholders as they have spent upgrading and maintaining water systems; Fair enough? Scotland’s ‘Fair Work’ programme - do unions in Scotland feel that the aspirational rhetoric of the Scottish government’s ‘Fair Work’ policy lives up to reality?; It’s time for a four-day working week - the Covid pandemic has seen the idea of a four-day working week and a three-day weekend catapulted up the agenda[More ...]