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2023 all issues

[cover image][28 pages] December 2023
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Criminal justice system in state of disarray Privatisation, together with poor pay and unmanageable caseloads for workers, is seeing the justice system falling apart, say unions Job flexibility or job insecurity? Lack of alternatives means the growth in insecure employment is not a choice for the millions who undertake this kind of work Climate change and collective bargaining There are arguments for the politics of climate change to be put onto an industrial footing. So what are unions doing to achieve this? [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] November 2023
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Disabled people and the cost-of-living crisis Disabled workers, and disabled people generally, are among the hardest hit by the cost-of-living crisis, as Labour Research reports Tackling pollution via low emission zonesLow emission zones aregood in principle, say unions.But is the way the zonesare administered alwayshelpful to their members? What’s behind contentious school behaviour policies? School discipline policies have become increasingly controversial. Education unions tell Labour Research why [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] October 2023
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Untangling the problem of hair discrimination at work As Black History Month gets under way, Labour Research examines how hair discrimination at work impacts on Black people Sick and tired of health inequalities There are ‘vast inequalities’ across a range of health services. How can trade unions help to address these? Paternity leave and pay isn’t working Paternity leave and pay arrangements are hopelessly inadequate, with bad consequences for families — and the economy as a whole [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] September 2023
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Coordinating solidarity for the movement Labour Research examines the work of the TUC Solidarity Hub which aims to provide practical support for unions in struggle Hungry for change: free school meals Unions and others argue that free school meals provision must be extended to help overcome the crisis of child hunger Race and American universities A recent US Supreme Court ruling is likely to have an adverse impact when it comes to the ethnic intake of university admissions there [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] August 2023
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IVF treatment: women workers need more support Many women undergoing fertility treatment either receive no support from their employer or experience discrimination Dealing with dementia in the workplace With increasing numbers of older people in the workforce, unions and employers need to be “dementia aware” Just transition and sustainable economies While unions pressed the case for just transition at this year’s International Labour Organization conference, employers stonewalled [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] July 2023
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Children’s social care workforce in crisis Children and their families who receive social work support may find such support dwindling, thanks to the crisis in the sector Environment Agency workers have had enough They help protect us from floods, fires, pollution and more. But many Environment Agency workers suffer‘endemic low pay’ US Supreme Court deals blow to striking workers A recent United States Supreme Court ruling could have a chilling effect on US unions’ ability to take strike action [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] June 2023
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Do public inquiries lead to meaningful change? Terrible disasters or major government failings often lead to public inquiries. But what, exactly, can these inquiries deliver? Time to divest from fossil fuels Unions are increasingly looking into the risks for pension funds investing in fossil fuels — and promoting alternative reinvestment Exploitation in the seafood industry Many fisheries workers in the global seafood industry are exposed to shocking lawlessness and non-existent health and safety procedures. [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] May 2023
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Black workers and the cost-of-living crisis How can the union movement respond to the disproportionate impact of the cost-of-living crisis on Black workers? Opposing the military dictatorship in Myanmar Organised workers have long provided a mainstay of opposition to military dictatorships in Myanmar, including the current regime Minimum service levels: how does the UK compare? The Tories claim their plans for minimum levels of service during strikes are similar to those elsewhere in Europe. But this is far from the case [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] April 2023
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CRUEL UNIVERSAL CREDIT MUST BE SCRAPPED Universal Credit was introduced 10 years ago. Together with other benefit reforms, it continues to drive people into poverty 13 SCHOOLS IN GRIP OF FUNDING CRISIS The Tories claim more money is going into schools. But this is not enough, say unions, to counter years of cuts and today’s cost-of-living crisis STRUGGLING TO BALANCE UNPAID CARE WITH WORK One in seven of the workforce juggles care responsibilities with work. What can be done to support them? [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] March 2023
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Sexual harassment and the movement How are trade unions progressing work on preventing and tackling sexual harassment within the unions themselves? Sick pay scheme: still unfit for purpose The pandemic highlighted Britain’s parsimonious statutory sick pay regime. More than two years on, things are no better Mental health services in meltdown Our creaking mental health services are characterised by underfunding, increased demand and a workforce suffering stress and burnout [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] February 2023
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Private financiers make a killing Public authorities continue to pay out eye-watering sums in annual charges for projects built under the Private Finance Initiative. USA: a new wave of union organising despite declining membership over the last 40 years, unions in America appear to be making something of a comeback. Labour Research interviews Paul Nowak In January, Paul Nowak took over at the helm of the TUC. Labour Research finds out his view of the TUC’s key tasks ahead. [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] January 2023
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Tory austerity continues to ravage Britain workers have lost a great deal since the 2008 financial crash — but the Tories seem intent on imposing yet more austerity. Childcare sector experiences huge crisis parents face unmanageable childcare fees while workers in the early years sector are underpaid leading to staff shortages. Unions campaign against hostile environment unions at the sharp end of government immigration policy are opposing the scapegoating of refugees and asylum seekers. [More ...]