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2024 all issues

[cover image][28 pages] June 2024
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Trade union support for trans workers Our unique survey looks at the discrimination faced by trans and non-binary workers and at how unions are helping to support them Teacher supply agencies rake in millions Teachers are increasingly subject to the casualisation of agency work while the agencies trouser millions of pounds in profit Tackling work-related violence Work-related violence represents a grave threat to many employees, including shopworkers, teachers and bus drivers [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] May 2024
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Government takes hatchet to local authority funding The scale of the crisis in councils has been described as ‘astronomical’, with serious consequenses for services and council workers Argentina’s new president ‘a danger to democracy’ Argentinian president, Javier Milei, who has resolved to slash workers’ rights, has been branded a danger to democracy Tories undermine home and hybrid working Home and hybrid working is popular with many workers and employers. But the government appears intent on thwarting it [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] April 2024
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Ethnicity pay gap: what can be done? As the TUC Black Workers’ Conference gets under way later this month, we look at what can be done to tackle the ethnicity pay gap Drilling down into the NHS dentistry crisis Horrific reports of people obliged to do ‘DIY dentistry’ reveal the nature and level of the crisis in this part of the National Health Service Women increasingly policed over abortion Unions and others have been voicing serious concerns over increased police investigations of women and unwanted pregnancies[More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] March 2024
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What’s the outlook for trade union women? Our special TUC Women’s Conference issue examines union initiatives to bolster women’s participation and representation in unions System failure: gender disparity in the IT sector Women wishing to pursue a career in the IT sector will find that it remains dominated by a ‘tech bro’ culture Miners’ Strike 40th anniversay We mark the anniversary of the start of the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike and look at what the movement feels it has learned from [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] February 2024
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What does new partnership law mean for unions? New social partnership legislation in Wales may give trade unions a greater voice. But how will this work? And what might be the pitfalls? Crisis in bus services deepens While bus services outside London have declined considerably in recent years, private bus operators continue to reap huge profits Funding cuts set the stage for arts gloom Despite contributing billions to the economy, the arts sector faces cuts while many cultural workers continue to struggle to make ends meet [More ...]

[cover image][28 pages] January 2024
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What say do we have over artificial intelligence? The use of artificial intelligence has the potential to fundamentally alter the way we work. How are unions approaching the issue? No home improvements under Tory government Housing is increasingly unaffordable for workers under the cost-of-living crisis and a housing market driven by profit Stemming the rise of the far right The far right has been mounting attacks on a range of minorities — from migrants to drag artists. What is the trade union response? [More ...]