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2023 all issues

[cover image][20 pages] December 2023
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PAY AND PRICES BARGAINING Energy sector keyworkers poised to strike 'Biggest strike' in NI schools This month's top deals Psychologists strike Minimum wage to rise to £11.44 per hour EQUALITY Equality bodies welcome workers' protection law LEARNING AND TRAINING Switching careers incurs wage penalty RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION National agreement won, while solicitors are urged to unionise EUROPE Negotiations on working from home collapse LAW AT WORK Employment law — the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY Violence prompts strikes and demands for action Fifth of workers could be exposed to too high noise levels AS THE MEDIAN HITS NEARLY £35,000 HOW DO EARNINGS COMPARE? Another year of high inflation has seen union action pushing pay increases up to their highest in decades, but how does this translate into actual earnings? THERE'S MORE TO WORK THAN JUST PAY Despite pressure to shore up living standards, other terms and conditions were not neglected during the 2022-23 pay round. Taken together, the deals done were a testament to what can be achieved where negotiators set out to address workforce needs and priorities [More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] November 2023
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PAY AND PRICES BARGAINING Dispute remains unresolved Harmonisation deal at Santander Musicians want their 10% back Workers to target Black Friday Pensions regulator imposes settlement EQUALITY TUC renews call for sexual harassment law Childcare costs driving parents out of work Labour pledges guidance LEARNING AND TRAINING Learning reps project supports creative workers RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION Freeport win is just one of latest recognition successes EUROPE Unions begin unusual tripartite negotiations More than a third of workers unhappy with their jobs LAW AT WORK Employment law — the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY Joint call for commitment to action by general election Doctors' and nurses' unions testify on Covid Union highlights duty to manage pests PAY SURVEY 2022-23: HISTORIC WINS BUT THE BATTLE CONTINUES The story of the 2022-23 pay round is one of historic rises and epic battles. The 832 deals on LRD’s Payline database capture just how many workers fought to mitigate the impact of rampant inflation and the biggest squeeze on living standards for decades. We look at the events of what has been a historic year in pay [More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] October 2023
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PAY AND PRICES BARGAINING A win for oil workers, but more trouble brewing Extending pension auto-enrolment Further disputes likely Birmingham Council in crisis EQUALITY 'U turn' saves pay protections LEARNING AND TRAINING Union input pays off with new learning centre RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION Recognition of equality reps' essential role EUROPE Impact of inflation on industry-level bargaining LAW AT WORK Employment law — the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY Unions want real action on violence Rail ticket office closure safety fears Unions demand action on concrete crisis Settled or striking ? THE STATE of pay in education and health There have been ongoing disputes in the UK's education and health sectors since 2022. Several rounds of industrial action have pushed governments from all four nations to improve their offers. However, while some groups have settled, others are still taking industrial action and the complicated bargaining landscape is starting to create worrying geographical disparities in pay. SHIFTING THE REWARDS FOR UNSOCIAL HOURS WORKING Compensation for working at times or on days when most people would probably rather not be takes many forms. When there are opportunities to review or renegotiate, money may not be the only issue [More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] September 2023
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PAY AND PRICES BARGAINING More university strikes likely Partnership agreement signed Best Payline deals top 14% Aviation workers win above-inflation deal EQUALITY Make flexible working a legal right, campaigners say LEARNING AND TRAINING Employers miss out on talent RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION Success after just three months EUROPE Unions have only limited involvement in green transition LAW AT WORK Employment law — the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY First guidance for NHS staff affected by suicide VOLUNTARY AND HOUSING SECTOR WORKERS PUSH BACK ON PAY Key workers, many of them working for charities and housing associations, have been challenging their employers on pay over the summer INFLATION: WHY EXCESS PROFITS AND HIGH INTEREST RATES ARE TO BLAME Profiteering and flawed policies are driving inflation, not wage claims. We examine the reasons for persistent inflation in the UK and why raising interest rates is likely to be doing more harm than good PAY AT THE MAX At a time when everyone is feeling the cost of living squeeze, and employers are struggling to recruit and retain, how is that playing out for workers at the ‘maximum’ of their pay scales? [More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] July 2023
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PAY AND PRICES BARGAINING St Mungo's workers on indefinite strike Defaulters are named Top Payline deals include security officers and drivers Services 'failing to adapt' FE teachers let down in Northern Ireland One strike cancelled, three to go ahead Union considers new offer EQUALITY Sexual harassment rife in the workplace RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION Union alleges dirty tricks Recognition deals keep rolling in EUROPE Proportion of workers with union representation rises Cleaners and mental health workers get extra LAW AT WORK Employment law — the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY Unions call for action to tackle violence HSE 'must investigate work-related suicides' Hazards Conference 2023 open for booking Prosecutions result in jail and fines COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY– HOW COLLECTIVE BARGAINING IS GOOD FOR ALL The extent of collective bargaining across the economy isn’t just important to unions and their members. By helping to reduce poverty pay and income inequality it affects the wider labour market too TROUBLE AT THE TOWN HALLS: ARE COUNCIL WORKERS AT STRIKE POINT? With council workers being balloted for industrial action over yet another below-inflation pay offer, we could be on the verge of the biggest public service strike yet [More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] June 2023
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BARGAINING Unions prepare for fight over local government pay Payline top deal wins 20% Journalists strike over cuts Uni and college disputes continue More rail strikes likely EQUALITY Groups urge government to protect women workers LEARNING AND TRAINING Learning resource tackles risks posed by AI RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION Amazon recognition bid could make history EUROPE Public sector deal benefits lowest paid LAW AT WORK Employment law — the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY TUC renews call for asbestos removal Near doubling of deaths prompts call for law reform HSE under pressure, union says WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT WORKLOADS? Workload pressures are a daily concern for many workers, union reps and employers alike. They are also a major theme in the current round of industrial disputes, but what can unions do about it? THE ROYAL MAIL COLLECTIVE PENSION PLAN: A PENSION FOR THE FUTURE? Last month the CWU, Unite and Royal Mail Group cleared the last hurdle needed to establish a pioneering collective pension scheme. In a further look at union-achieved innovations in this area after last month’s feature on the UCU’s win, we assess what this scheme might mean for the future [More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] May 2023
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PAY AND PRICES BARGAINING Health workers split over latest offer Teachers consider new strikes Hospital cleaners brought in-house Strikes win new offer Payline top deal hits 26% EQUALITY EHRC: study impact before redefining ‘sex’ Most long Covid sufferers treated unfairly at work LEARNING AND TRAINING Lifelong learning plans ‘fail older and less qualified’ RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION Recognition drive gathers pace following company’s rejection EUROPE Hospital strike produces above-inflation increase LAW AT WORK Employment law — the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY Workers blacklisted for raising safety concerns Teaching unions want action on workloads Multi-million pound fines follow prosecutions ILL-DEFINED BENEFITS: WHAT THE UNIVERSITIES PENSION WIN TELLS US In April, the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) finally won its struggle to save university pensions after an epic six-year battle that featured the largest strikes ever seen in UK higher education. We tell the story behind the victory CHANGING PAY STRUCTURES Whether they are part of a pay settlement or stand-alone negotiations, pay structure changes can have a significant impact on workers’ pay [More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] April 2023
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PAY AND PRICES BARGAINING Budget day sees biggest day of strikes yet Trouble brewing at local authorities Payline deals show above-average increases EQUALITY Anti-strike bill would hit BAME workers, equality bodies warn Childcare costs forcing women out of work LEARNING AND TRAINING Union learning and training provision boosted RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION Think tank calls on Welsh government to empower trade unions EUROPE Deutsche Post settles after overwhelming strike vote LAW AT WORK Employment law — the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY Dog attack increase is no surprise to postal union HSE ‘must act on harassment’ Still no answers seven years on RISING TO THE CHALLENGE: PAY BARGAINING IN 2022-23 Negotiators have responded to soaring inflation with a level of pay settlements not seen for many years SAFETY IN MOTION: HOW UNIONS ARE TACKLING TRANSPORT DANGERS The recent train crash in Greece and the disastrous derailment of a freight train in the USA have highlighted the consequences of poor health and safety in transport. We look at how unions are campaigning to improve road and rail safety in the UK [More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] March 2023
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PAY AND PRICES BARGAINING Highlands and Islands airports to strike; Union act on facilities management parity ‘Arms length’ workers to strike Zero hours at record high; Cleaners to take buses off the road EQUALITY Women’s groups slam harassment bill change; Lesbian and trans BAME women face more Racism LEARNING AND TRAINING Government control of FE sector ‘threatens colleges’ RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION Thousands join union EUROPE Pay deals pave way to further settlements; European Parliament calls for stronger rights Employment law — the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY Only a fifth of safety reps are women; Employers ‘are wellbeing washing’ UNIONS AND NEURODIVERSITY Neurodiversity Celebration Week (13 to 19 March) aims to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about neurological difference and to transform how neurodivergent individuals are perceived. To coincide with the initiative, we look at how trade union reps can help to transform workplaces so they reflect and include neurodivergent people MAKING OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH WORK FOR WORKERS Everyone wants healthier workplaces and workers, but unions can face real challenges in dealing with occupational health services and getting the best out of them for members [More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] February 2023
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PAY AND PRICES: BARGAINING: Health unions’ patience with review bodies runs out Top Payline deals exceed 8% Strikers at homelessness charity win better deal Latest statistics reflect battles over pay Waste workers cancel strikes after 18% offer EQUALITY: Background is biggest hurdle to career progression Low pay leaves disabled workers exposed to rising costs LEARNING AND TRAINING: UK skills system is failing, committee says Rishi Sunak’s maths problem RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION: Digital proves key to getting out vote EUROPE: Gender pay transparency directive gets go ahead EMPLOYMENT LAW: the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY: Research reveals deadly risks to firefighters School buildings are a risk to life Union supports project to counter sexual attacks at sea MPs: smart motorways are endangering lives SERVING THE NEEDS OF: WORKERS IN THE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES In the original “gig economy”, creative freelance workers and unions are teaming up to improve pay and working conditions EUROPE: PAY RISES WIPED: OUT BY RISING PRICES 2022 should have been a good year for pay across Europe, with levels up on the year before – but, in a familiar story, inflation eroded or wiped out the gains[More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] January 2023
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BARGAINING Strikes and threat of actions bring rewards Employers agree to address cost of living crisis Get ME home safely campaign gains ground Pay deal offers 13% to lowest-paid EQUALITY Employers urged to tackle disability language LEARNING AND TRAINING Apprenticeship system critique pulls no punches RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION RSA unionised after 268 years EUROPE Report backs plan to regulate work from home LAW AT WORK Employment law — the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY Work-related ill health reaches all-time high Record number of teachers planning to quit TUC survey of health and safety reps PAY REBELLION 1990s-level stoppages look set to continue into 2023 as unions defend members from the sharpest fall in real wages for decades, but government obstruction and attempts to undermine working conditions are making the job harder MINIMUM WAGES ACROSS EUROPE Minimum wages are a crucial part of the system for setting pay levels in the vast majority of EU states, as well as the UK. This year they are going up by more than usual. We examine why [More ...]