Fact Service December 2012

Issue 50 (13/12/2012) - No joy on average weekly earnings; More pain on the way, says think tank; How to achieve a more diverse workplace; Runaway train fares; Manufacturing back in the doldrums; Unemployment down

Issue 49 (06/12/2012) - Unequal Britain; Tax avoidance slated by MPs' committee; 'Pain without purpose'; Executive pay trebles; Union elections loom; Third quarter takeover activity picks up

Issue 50

No joy on average weekly earnings (513 words)

Earnings growth continued its slump in October according to the Office for National Statistics. ...
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More pain on the way, says think tank (320 words)

High inflation and meagre wage rises will leave many Britons without any increase in living standards for more than a decade, a leading think tank ...
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How to achieve a more diverse workplace (313 words)

Employers that carry out equal pay audits, offer flexible working and aim to tackle unconscious bias in their organisations are more likely to ...
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Runaway train fares (263 words)

Average train fares have risen nearly three times faster than wages since the recession began, according to new analysis published by the ...
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Manufacturing back in the doldrums (160 words)

It was back to as you were in October with factory output down, the latest official figures show. ...
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Unemployment down (650 words)

Unemployment fell on both the main counts, latest official figures show. ...
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Issue 49

Unequal Britain (257 words)

The richest 10% of households in Great Britain owned more than 40% of overall wealth, according to official figures. ...
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Tax avoidance slated by MPs' committee (523 words)

Tax avoidance by multinationals and the failures of the tax revenue collection system have come in for criticism from an influential committee of MPs. ...
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'Pain without purpose' (740 words)

The economy is now expected to shrink by 0.1% this year, chancellor George Osborne said in his Autumn Statement. ...
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Executive pay trebles (224 words)

Executive pay has trebled over the past 10 years, despite the UK’s banking crisis and double-dip recession, according to an independent think ...
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Union elections loom (234 words)

The two largest general unions are to hold elections for general secretary. ...
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Third quarter takeover activity picks up (362 words)

Merger and acquisition activity in the third quarter of 2012 involving UK companies increased in value terms by almost three-quarters, but the ...
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