Fact Service December 2013

Issue 50 (19/12/2013) - Inflation steady; Low average earnings growth hits workers; Unemployment posts big autumn fall; Auto-enroling in

Issue 49 (12/12/2013) - Autumn Statement; Apprentices - gender and race; Number of working people in poverty; Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2013

Issue 48 (05/12/2013) - Failures over minimum wage compliance; Whistleblowing needs code of practice; 'Stabbed in the back'; UK tops table of high earners in banking; Scandal of deaths from winter cold; 'Successful' Tory MP justifies second job; Pension's watchdog consults over schemes

Issue 50

Inflation steady (541 words)

Retail price inflation remains at its lowest level for 14 months, the latest official figures show. ...
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Low average earnings growth hits workers (645 words)

Growth in earnings now appears to be hovering around the 1% mark, while inflation has been running at 2.6%, which spells bad news for workers’ ...
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Unemployment posts big autumn fall (663 words)

The number of unemployed people fell by 99,000 to 2.39 million in the three-month period ending October, compared with the previous three-month ...
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Auto-enroling in (347 words)

More than two million workers have started saving into a workplace pension scheme as a result of automatic enrolment, according to figures from The ...
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Issue 49

Autumn Statement (856 words)

The economy is expected to perform better than previously forecast in the mid-term, chancellor George Osborne said, as he used his Autumn Statement ...
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Apprentices — gender and race (491 words)

Women apprentices are far more likely to end up in low-paid jobs as a result of training in female-dominated sectors, according to a joint study ...
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Number of working people in poverty (325 words)

More working households were living in poverty in the UK last year than non-working ones — for the first time, a social policy charity said. ...
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Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2013 (563 words)

Full-time average weekly earnings fell in real terms and the gender pay gap widened in April 2013, according to official figures. ...
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Issue 48

Failures over minimum wage compliance (370 words)

The National Minimum Wage celebrated its 15th birthday this year, but there are still over 300,000 workers in Britain who earn below the legal ...
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Whistleblowing needs code of practice (151 words)

The government should adopt a whistleblowing code of practice and strengthen the legal protection for whistleblowers. ...
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‘Stabbed in the back’ (299 words)

Workers at Grangemouth are facing job losses, just weeks after agreeing to reduced pay and conditions to keep the petrochemical complex open. ...
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UK tops table of high earners in banking (317 words)

The number of high earning UK bankers was 12 times more than any other EU country and the average pay of the top UK bankers rose considerably last ...
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Scandal of deaths from winter cold (361 words)

As the country faces a cold snap and the energy companies announce inflation-busting price increases, official figures show that the number of extra ...
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'Successful' Tory MP justifies second job (320 words)

A Conservative MP who earned nearly £610,000 from his second job has suggested that his critics are simply envious and that his wealth ...
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Pension’s watchdog consults over schemes (305 words)

Striking a balance between sponsoring employers’ pension funding obligations and their ability to invest in sustainable business growth is at the ...
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